Every day is International Women’s Day at Fashion Rider

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This year we marked the 8th March 2018 by celebrating International Women’s Day. The day in which we look back through history and towards the future. We celebrate our achievements, our struggles and the continuing mark we leave within every sector in which we operate.

This last point is an important one for women all around the world. Bringing to the forefront important points such as how the gender pay gap, when it comes to job roles, is starting to close and how women are no longer discriminated against because they want to work in traditionally male dominated sectors.

And for everyone here at Fashion Rider we didn’t think that just one day was enough to look back at all of the amazing women who have had a hand in shaping our future, so today we want to share some of the fantastic females who made and who are still making a huge impact on the fashion world.

In a sector where you would expect to see more female involvement, in history it has been quite the opposite, with at times, the fashion industry being seen as an `all boy club`.

But not anymore.

ZaraMia Ava7

Credit: Fashion Rider Designer ZARAMIA AVA

The face of fashion is changing, and we were proud to stand with the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, #pressforprogress.

Think of those that have helped shape the fashion industry and make a name for themselves still today. Those that have took a stand, worked hard and at times fought against those who tried to keep them down.

Look at Coco Chanel, who simply created “the little black dress” a timeless piece no matter what stage in history. But Coco also showed her strength in developing the Chanel brand – credited for liberating women from the constraints of the corseted silhouette, focusing and pushing forward much more casual chic lines and styles, influencing the changing face of fashion.

Determination, ambition and energy is what Coco applied to her work ethic, to not just achieve financial success and a huge brand name, but to also become one of the most influential women in fashion.

Louis Vuitton’s Executive Vice President, Delphire Arnaut is also making a name for herself in the fashion world. Previously serving as deputy managing director of Christian Dior, she was responsible for overseeing one of the brands most successful periods. Playing what has been cited as an “instrumental role in steering the growth of leather goods and accessories businesses”. Arnaut is using her experience and her influence at Vuitton to oversee the brands re-positioning within the luxury market. Not taking anything for granted but working hard to make a credible name and reputation for herself.

Sara Blakely is an excellent female success story. From once selling fax machines to offices to now holding the position of CEO and founder of Spanx, and we might as well throw in that she is also a self-made billionaire!

Coming up with and then investing in her idea of Spanx, Sara believed in herself and also in her fashion line. So much so that today the Spanx brand has grown its product range to include, undergarments, leggings and maternity wear. It sells in 65 countries and as a busy mother of four, Blakely still runs the company and brand day to day.

A fashion designer who has certainly had to prove herself over the years is Victoria Beckham. Moving from being know as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham certainly had a challenge on her hands and most certainly had a point to prove to her critics. However, what we can take from Victoria as a fashion designer is that she never gave up. She has worked hard to establish herself and her brand in the fashion industry and has continued to grow and expand her business as a result. She has worked and collaborated with a number of brands and was even named designer brand of the year in 2011.

Of course, these are just a handful of the fashion industries amazing women. Women who through hard work, determination and the drive to never give up are achieving much more than their dreams…they’re paving the way for women of the future.

Makeup Artist Shabnam Patel

Credit: Fashion Rider Makeup Artist Shabnam Patel

At Fashion Rider we’re proud to support the changes International Women’s Day highlight and every other day that women truly do and achieve something incredible.

We’re proud of our members who are also taking the world by storm. Working across nations, offering unique, individualised fashion and setting their own trends is what we love to hear about, see and follow. We have some amazing female designers, some with some incredible experience in their field and others who may be new to the industry but their passion to influence and make a change is inspiring.

We #pressforprogress across all areas and in the fashion industry we love to highlight just how far female designers have come in influencing the fashion trends of today!

You can read about some of our great female fashion designers on our blog as well as viewing their profiles online.



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