The Digital Marketing Lifestyle

Digital marketing allows you to work online from anywhere, without a boss. Enjoy the freedom of setting your own hours and working from desirable locations. I cannot shorten the text without knowing which text you are referring to. Please provide the text you would like me to shorten. Do it your way, without pressure. Why isn't everyone doing it? Because it's more complicated than it seems. Building a successful website and generating passive income takes time and effort. It takes time. This book provides solutions for building a large mailing list for affiliate marketing, saving time and answering all your questions.

Digital marketing means working online and that in turn means working from anywhere, and without a boss. So of course, life will be easy! You can choose your own hours, you can work out of coffee shops or from beautiful locations… And you can do it all your own way. Without someone breathing down your neck and shouting at you when you get things wrong.

The question you should be asking at this point though, is that if it is that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? The answer is that – of course – things are actually a fair bit more complicated. Because most people don’t wake up one day with a website getting thousands of views a day and generating solid passive income. In fact, no one manages to do that.

Instead, it takes a lot of time. Likewise, it takes a lot of time to build a massive mailing list that you can use in order to make money from affiliate marketing emails. This book is here to answer all those questions and provide solutions for you.