Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent

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Andy P's Current Tasks

Design new home page

Send out 20 emails

Cleanse email data

Fix Goal email

Update Facebook account

Update all passwords

Susie Doenhoff

Susie's Current Tasks

Decide on development

home page designs

Landing page designs

exercise every day

set up email lists

complete goal emails being sent out on a monday

Exercise every day

Susie Doenhoff

Susie's Current Tasks

Organise the Opp pages

Find someone for SM

Find someone for data collection

Instagram stories

site speed

find out where the courses go

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Helen's Current Tasks

Fix speed of the site

Fix gap inbetween pages

Sort out order of the store

Speak to developer

Set up new sales process

Susie Doenhoff

Susie's Current Tasks

New web page design

New Search Function

New Opps filter

Social media updates

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Elina's Current Tasks

Complete home page design

Send newsletter out on Tuesday

Add blog and social media post for blog

Add row of courses to home page

Chocolate only every other day

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