Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent

Join your community tracking their goals and showing accountability; it's proven to increase your chances of success!


Chando Chishimba's Current Tasks

Check through facebook job groups and communities

Research on brands looking to collaborate

Research email marketing


Charity's Current Tasks

Contact long term customers to get reviews on products

Compare product prices with competitors

Create a new marketing strategy


Zuri's Current Tasks

Visit local saloons and take note of commonly used hair products

Get reviews on commonly used hair products

Check ingredients of products and find local suppliers


Susie's Current Tasks

complete message

look into email marketing

set up newsletter


Chando Chishimba's Current Tasks

Contact volunteering organisations

Contact compassion comunnities

Contact comapassion groups


Conan 's Current Tasks

Write new lyrics

Create the instrumental and record song with music

Create marketing campaign and intended audience list

Get in contact with recording artist and send demo

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