10 Small Steps To Improve Your Health

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When the New Year rolls around, many of us make health-related resolutions like working out more, stopping smoking or drinking, etc. We tend to set high goals for ourselves, but experts say that we can do more for our health and wellbeing by setting smaller goals. “Small steps are achievable and are easier to fit […]

Two of the Most Popular Leisure Activities in Japan Involve Shopping!

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In a country as technologically advanced as Japan, it’s interesting to note that two of the top 20 leisure activities in this nation involve shopping. Whether in person, in brick-and-mortar stores or online, the Japanese do love to shop! Interestingly, many of the other 18 within the top 20 leisure activities do involve technology of […]

Encouraging collaboration and connectivity

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Visting and travelling to places are scientifically proven to stimulate your creative nerves! These cool places in the town will surely give you a lot of inspiration for your next creative adventure.

Mica Millar ‘Preacher Man’ The New Single Out On January 28th


PRE-SAVE HERE “An artist that powerfully crafts waves of emotion reminiscent of some of the classic greats” Louder Than War “One of the best vocalists in the UK” – Natalie Eve-Williams, BBC Introducing “I work on around 50 albums a year at Abbey Road, very few make it onto my iPod. This went straight on” – Geoff […]

Happy New Year!

The team and I would like to raise a glass to everyone who has not only supported Fashion Rider through what has been one of the most turbulent years for every business and individual but for the support we have shown each other. To our members, followers, contributors, and friends, we wish everyone a great […]

Merry Christmas from Fashion Rider

2022 is fast coming to an end and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members, Fashion Rider followers, and supporters a very Merry Christmas! Remaining positive and supporting each other is precisely the reason why Fashion Rider exists, to raise the profile of our fellow creatives, supporting each other in […]

Mindful Habits for Mental Well-Being

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Instilling mindful habits in your daily routine is an integral step to supporting your overall mental well-being. A healthy mindset allows us to balance and manage everyday thoughts and emotions that often stem from impactful life events. By supporting your mental well-being with mindful habits, you’ll be able to tackle challenging emotions with clarity, improve […]

Exercise and creativity: Does exercise improve your creativity?

exercise and creativity

Exercise has known and proven benefits. When we think about exercise, we tend to think only about our physical health but not the benefits of exercise on our mental health. This article explores the correlation between exercise and creativity and how exercise improves your creativity

Tips and Tricks for Always Looking Presentable at Work

looking presentable at work includes having a good shoes

Looking presentable at work is one of the most important an employee should do. Being presentable enables you to have better opportunities. Take a look at this week’s article covering Tips and Tricks for Always Looking Presentable at Work!

Do these things to help you take the stress out of moving

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It is no secret that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. However, with a bit of planning and good luck, it should be able to go without a hitch, and you should be able to be sitting comfortably with your feet up – albeit surrounded by boxes – supping […]

Have you thought about creative competitions?

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Creative competitions are different from most other contests. The prize isn’t just a money prize, but the opportunity and experience of entering. In this article, we go over the reasons why and which competitions you may like to enter

Why Your Luxury Time Piece May Need a Watch Winder

Watch Winder

A Look at the World of Automatic Watch Winders If you know anything at all about high-end timepieces and how they work, then you’ve likely heard automatic watch winders talked about a great deal. Watch winders, in a nutshell, are exactly what they sound like. They are devices that are designed to maintain the operations […]

How to Slash Your Monthly Expenses

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Your monthly income will only stretch so far. If you often grab a cup of coffee on your way to work, treat yourself to many clothes throughout the month, or say yes to every social invite, you might feel it’s impossible to keep track of your finances. If you’re tired of struggling with debt and […]

How to Diversify your Services & Stand Out From the Crowd


When you are a freelancer or small business owner, you need to think about ways to stand out from the crowd. The problem is, there are more and more people offering the same services you do. So, here are too few steps to diversify your services to stand out from others.

Technology in Education

accessible world

Technology in Education has made a significant impact in classrooms, and some schools are going to such lengths to prepare.

Building Passive Income Without Quitting Your Job

passive income without quitting job

Passive income is the ultimate goal of many people looking for financial freedom. And the good news is that it doesn’t require you to quit your day job. Here are 4 ways for building passive income without quitting your job.

Six Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


With Mother’s Day, in the US, just around the corner, you might be thinking about what you can get your mother in order to make her happy. With that said, it can sometimes be hard to know what will be a great present. There is no need to worry, however, as you have landed in […]

10 Perfect Fashion Bags to Complete your Style this Summer

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Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to prepare for the season with some new accessories. When it comes to summer, the fashion focus is on a bright, joyful mood. This is why you need the perfect summer bag to match the season. Ready to discover the 10 Perfect Fashion Bags to Complete your Style this Summer?

Fashion: Casino Attire


Going to a casino can be an exciting experience for first timers. However, this could also be stressful if you don’t know the proper attire to wear in a casino. If you are interested to know the appropriate casino attire, then read on. Casino Attire Is Location-Dependent A lot of people would think that formal […]

Diversifying Your Income as a Fashion Professional


Hi, I’m Luisa Kearney, a professional fashion stylist and editor. I currently work full-time as a fashion blogger and stylist, earning a full-time income. Although I’ve run a number of fashion and beauty blogs over the past 10 years, I only started my latest, professional blog – Online Personal Stylist. What often surprises people is […]

Fashion ‘Styling’ it out in 2021


Ok, so 2021 might not have kicked off to the start any of us may have wanted. However, don’t shut the wardrobe doors and get your pyjamas back out just yet! Our lives, how we work, interact, feel, etc., have all changed, and with it, our sense of style has now become much more relaxed, […]

How to Keep a Well-Maintained Home


A well-maintained home is essential for several reasons. If you’re having guests over, or you’re selling your home, then you want to make as good an impression as possible. This comes from high-quality maintenance. Plus, you will feel far more relaxed living in it! Fortunately, if you stay organized, it isn’t too difficult. Here is […]

Deal with the EU is the equivalent of arthritis

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The free trade deal with the EU is the equivalent of arthritis – you can still do most of what you did before, but it just takes a bit longer and is more painful! Something that may help alleviate the pain is good contract management and awareness of the roles and responsibilities of those businesses […]

Utilising Every Possible Income Stream

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Many resources tell you to focus on just one thing rather than having too many monetisation strategies. While I agree with that, if you can utilise other monetisation strategies that don’t take up too much of your time and can be added into your business organically then why not?! Some of you might want to […]

6 Best Tips on Working From Home During Covid

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People are choosing to work from home. No matter what your reasons for working from home, you can find it challenging adjusting. These the best tips on working from home to ensure you have a productive day!

Events for creative inspiration

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At Fashion Rider, we have been working hard behind the scenes and we have not only redeveloped and overhauled our site, but we have really delved into what our members want. We have listened to your feedback and as we continue to roll out various new features and elements, we want to share with you […]

Creative Industry Good News!

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The arts sector has been dealt an almighty blow during COVID19. From closures of theatres everywhere in early spring, to now local restrictions and national social distancing measures in place.  Unfortunately, many theatres have taken the heart-breaking decision not to reopen until they feel it is safe to do so, others hoping to open their […]

The Fashion Industry After COVID-19

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time for the fashion industry to reinvent itself. The industry is suffering from the prolonged global outbreak. Lockdowns, business closures, and self-quarantine have caused billions of pounds worth of major orders to be cancelled. With major retail stores closed temporarily in many areas as a result of lockdown measures, […]

Top must-visit museums & Galleries


Exhibitions and art galleries are at the centre of our creative influence. Whether it’s a new exhibition highlighting this season’s most fashionable collections or a look at new cultures, topics, and curated selections, museums, and art galleries provide visitors with an experience that is as unique as the individual who steps through their doors. We […]

Socialising and Coronavirus?

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For many, Coronavirus has dinted our confidence when it comes to dining out in our favourite restaurants. Of course, this is hardly surprising given the circumstances. It is also a point supported by reports from the Office of National Statistics that show we’re not alone, with only two out of ten adults admitting that they […]

Tackling mental health through music

Mental health has, and is at the forefront of more and more conversations over recent years and certainly months! It’s great to see that as a world-wide community, we’re doing so much more to raise awareness of mental health and how it can, unfortunately, affect anyone at any time. Many people suffering from mental health […]

Fashionable holidays to dream about

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Ok, so booking an exotic holiday might not be at the top of everyone’s list at the moment; however, we can’t put everything on hold forever, maybe just postpone for a short time and plan for the future, so we have something to look forward to – we know we need it! At some point, […]

Five Clichés to Motivate You

motivate you

Well I think we can all agree that 2020 has, so far, been pretty shocking but I’m not here to depress you with tales of doom and gloom, there’s enough of that on the news. Instead as we’re all trying to figure out what our place is in the so-called “new normal” and adapting our […]

Welcome back from Fashion Rider

We would like to wish all of our members a happy return back to work, and a great start to 2020! We count ourselves very lucky to work with so many talented professionals, and are already looking forward to another great year. Many thanks for being a part of our community, after all, without you, […]

Happy New Year from Fashion Rider

Before the year disappears altogether we would like to raise a glass to each and every one of our members, followers, contributors and friends. We wish you all a very Happy New Year indeed! Many thanks for another great year with Fashion Rider, Susie and the Fashion Rider Team x

Did you know non-surgical treatments are available?


Most people don’t know that non-surgical treatments are growing very quickly in popularity. Why? Because technology surrounding cosmetic procedures has changed and changed dramatically; advances in technology and the search for more sustainable and less invasive treatments are now paving the way. Also, did we forget to mention… it’s cheaper! Often seen as a less […]

How To Throw An Amazing Bachelorette Party

Before you get married, it is traditional to have a bachelorette party where you can let your hair down, hang out with your friends, and celebrate the adventure yet to come. You might be the bride herself, keen to organise her own party, or you might be the maid of honour who has been tasked […]

Ways to look toned without invasive surgery


It’s possible to want to get toned without necessarily undergoing the full healthcare regime of a Victoria Secret model. It’s also inevitable that you will have quickly learned that things like juice cleanses not only don’t have much scientific backing, but can also leave you drained and unhappy. If it is a toned stomach you’re […]

Are you making the most of Small Business Saturday?


Unlike its title, Small Business Saturday is a rather large event, encouraging customers to shop with independent, local businesses, pushing the biggest small business sales day of the year! Taking place on the 24th November 2018 the grass-roots non-commercial campaign will be promoting 100 small businesses and highlighting their achievements, one a day for 100 […]

How to Make This Summer the Best!


Summer is here, and you need to make the most of it. All too soon the dark, cold days of winter will come around again, so get outside and do all the things you love to do while you’ve got the chance! If you haven’t already booked a vacation, get onto it now. Everyone needs […]

Fashion professionals: 10 Steps To Beat The Winter Blues

Emma Motion

Winter blues can be tough: when the most productive thing about you is that sneeze and watching the sunset before 4.30pm, I think it might be worth sharing some useful pick me ups and daily routines to help you stay focused and motivated. Credit: Make up Artist/ Emma Motion 1. Keep calm and soak up […]

From everyone at Fashion Rider, Salut

Salut Wines

Not only is Salut a great way to say hello, or cheers to friends and family, it’s also the brand name of Salut Wines, based in Manchester. The Fashion Rider Team called into Salut by chance and we are so glad we did!  Not only did we learn a thing or two about the different […]

The fashion industry and Tattooed models

Are you looking to add an edge and style to your latest fashion line? Or as a photographer are you looking for something cool, fresh, and completely on trend for the next front cover of Vogue magazine? Maybe it’s time to think about using and styling models with tattoos? A growing trend More and more […]

Welcome back to reality!


The festive season is sadly over and I would like to wish all of our members a happy return back to work, for those of us who had time off of course. For many of us it will be a time of painful returns to the gym and trying to remember what a piece of […]

Happy Holidays!

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To our fantastic Fashion Rider followers, We hope you have a wonderful day off work today and to those who celebrate it… Merry Christmas! Just a little message to say a big thank you for being a part of the Fashion Rider community this year! We couldn’t let 2017 go by without commenting on what […]

Getting to know textile Artist, Pauline Bloomfield


Following in our line of member interviews, we recently caught up with Pauline Bloomfield, who as a textile artist describes her work in a wonderful way; “I would class my work as narrative, an illustrative/storytelling form of textile art”. Pauline has a wealth of experience and her work is owned by private collectors in England, […]

Airbrushes: Easier than they look

Vintage Atomizer

A tool I’ve little doubt is familiar to those of you who are Illustrators or Designers is the technical marvel known simply as, the airbrush. But whether you’re a Make-up Artist, Nail Technician or Fashion Designer, at some time or other you may well have considered expanding your skillset to include this simple, yet effective […]

Pee Wee Ellis headlines at the Funk: Foundation 2017


This August saw 15 up and coming musicians showcase their work to some of their toughest critics.  Selected by Saxophone legend Pee Wee Ellis along with trumpet player Gary Winters, these musicians worked together during a four-day funk and jazz residency, which culminated in brand new music being showcased as well as a great set from […]

What does streaming mean for musicians?


Does music and video streaming seem like second nature to you? Can you believe Spotify is nine years old? And Netflix has been streaming video for ten years. Today, streaming is the main platform for people buying music. People used to queue up for hours outside record stores to buy a newly released album, albums could even […]

One Love Manchester

One love

On Sunday, in support of the victims of the Manchester attack two weeks ago, Ariana Grande and many other global stars performed at the One Love concert in Manchester. It was a huge show, with artists including Justin Bieber, Coldplay and Little Mix, put together in under two weeks, when normally such a show would take six […]


The festive season is sadly over and I would like to wish all of our members a happy return back to work, for those of us who had time off of course. For many it will be a time of painful gym sessions and trying to remember what a piece of fruit is. Good luck […]

Check out the coolest places in town

It’s always incredible and inspiring to see the level of creativity and innovation in a new building structure, a new development’s architectural design, or the artistic vibrancy that can be added to places and areas.   Now, the possibilities are endless.   And when architectural teams and construction firms work hand in hand with artists and designers, […]