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A leading team of HR specialists, BIRCH-HR are uniquely placed to support members of the fashion industry at a strategic and operational level by providing insightful HR consultancy services leading to effective solutions and cost savings. We work with organisations to manage HR policies, procedures and day-to-day challenges in the most proactive, straightforward and cost-effective manner. Our professional services result in:
  • organisational growth
  • positive change
  • cost reductions and
  • improvements in recruitment, retention, management and leadership.
We are at the forefront of HR change, enabling our clients to access the most up-to-date strategic and operational HR management advice and support, in order to be exceptional organisations and to enable outstanding establishments and significant improvements in business. We provide:
  • A proactive HR consultancy and telephone helpline
  • Strategic talent management support
  • Essential legal guidance
  • Flexible, cost-effective packages
  • Qualified, approachable consultants
  • A Free HR Health Check
Our FREE HR health check will RedAmberGreen (RAG) assess your risks at strategic and operational level. Let us make straightforward but essential recommendations, so that your organisation can improve. Visit our website to find out more: http://birchhr.webflow.io/services-for-smes The development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is essential to the UK economy. SMEs are flexible and can rapidly adjust to changes in supply and demand. They increase employment, promote diversification, support sustainable growth and increase competitiveness of the whole economy. The Birch-HR team is experienced in advising and supporting SMEs, dealing with the particular challenges involved in privately-owned, entrepreneurial companies. We specialise in supporting and advising members of the fashion industry. We can ensure your company is compliant and prepared for growth, and your workforce is committed and effectively managed. Our Mission:
  • To provide market-leading, cost effective and proactive HR solutions to educational establishments and across the health sector.
  • To support SMEs to grow and achieve outstanding results.
  • To empower, respect and develop our employees and associates, by collaborating together as part of a successful, forward-looking and socially responsible HR solutions provider.


Tel: 0121 674 4230

The Loft, 196-198 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9LX


Tel: 0203 494 4930

C1503, NEO Bankside, London, SE1 9NX

Contact us: http://birchhr.webflow.io/contact-us.


HR Consultant from Birmingham

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