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Business Consultant

Business management consultant in Chobham, England

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Business advice, mentoring, coaching and consultancy for creative and technical companies

Realising the full potential of your business

As a business owner, chances are you’re grappling with some challenges and looking to develop exciting new opportunities, do you ask yourself:
  • Why am I running this business?
  • Do I have the right people to succeed, and am I leading them effectively?
  • Where are my biggest growth opportunities?
  • When can I take a step back from the day-to-day running of the business?
Henchards will help you answer these questions, create a clear path to business success, and build business wealth. With our support, you can create a compelling vision for your business. You can build and lead a high-performing team that drives the business forward. You can develop or refine your growth strategy with confidence. And you can build the value of your company, eventually converting that success into personal wealth and increased free time.

Proven techniques, valuable experience

Since 2003, Henchards has been working with business owners – particularly in service-based companies in the creative and technical sectors – to plan, lead, grow and exit their businesses. Our approach encompasses a range of methodologies, processes and tools that are proven to deliver value by creating a stronger business – and helping you become a better business leader. Discover how Henchards can help you overcome your biggest business challenges at the same time identify exciting new opportunities to realise the full potential of your business.
Henchards (1)


Business Consultant

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