5 foods to keep creative juices flowing

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Sometimes we all need a little boost in our creative thinking.

A helping (healthy) hand to get those creative juices flowing – providing us with the answers and solutions we’ve been searching for. That lightbulb moment where things can become all of a sudden, a lot clearer.

The good news is various foods and drinks can help boost our brainpower. Helping us get up in the morning, function, and get through our day in one piece!

Sounds good, right?

We thought so. That’s why we’ve been looking into superfoods that help provide our bodies with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to will keep our creative juices flowing.

In this first post of our two-part series, we look at our top 5 favourites and some great recipe ideas to help you build these into your everyday:


And not just any tea, green tea. Green tea is extremely healthy for the body and mind as it increases connectivity, supporting complex thought. The quantity of caffeine included also helps to sharpen senses with the amino acid and theanine released gradually throughout your day, so you don’t feel the caffeine slump like you might experience after a coffee.

We recommend having a cup of green tea in the morning to kick start your day. Pop it in a travel mug, and you have a delicious, tasty companion on your commute to work!

green tea is one of the food that will keep your creative juices flowing


Popcorn is not just for the cinema! It is a tasty and relatively healthy snack (as long as it’s not covered in butter, oil, or one of our guilty pleasures, toffee). The whole grains in popcorn regulate glucose flow keeping you mentally alert for longer. Popcorn also includes B6 and B12 vitamins, which are linked to increasing short-term memory and concentration.

What’s more, you can also add popcorn to your morning bowl of porridge, boosting your energy levels, ready for the day ahead.


Packed with depression-fighting iodine, seaweed is super tasty and great for good thyroid function, which helps boost your energy levels and brain function.

A great lunch idea is a rice and quinoa sushi bowl. Mixing rice, quinoa, prawns, avocado, and seaweed, you have not only got yourself a colourful dish but a rather delicious Japanese-inspired dish too.

seaweed is tasty as well as healthy and essential to keep those creative juices flowing

Keep the water flowing for the creative juices to flow!

How many times have we heard just how much water is good for us? As discussed in our last article: 7 nutrition hacks to improve creativity, it’s essential that we keep our bodies hydrated to help keep in check our mental flexibility (which can increase by 14% when you increase your water intake).

To help make water a little more interesting, why not add a slice of lemon, orange, or even lime? 

What we’re currently addicted to is our water infuser! Packed full of berries water has never tasted more exciting.

Or, if you’re looking for a fresher, sharper taste to your water, try adding a hint of mint or cucumber; trust us, it does make the taste cleaner!

keep the water flowing for the creative juices to flow!


With high doses of antioxidants to keep our brains highly functioning, blueberries help our minds navigate situations and issues easier. Great if you’re stuck on a complex problem or if you need a little boost in the inspiration department. Blueberry juice is also a great source of vitamin C, which can help stop you from suffering from low motivation and fatigue.

Freezing a handful of blueberries is a great way to keep them fresh and allows you to enjoy the tasty snack on your desk throughout the day. Or why not try adding some blueberries with your yoghurt for an extra boost of energy and creative adrenalin?

blueberries -  a tasty way to increase the flow of creative juices

An efficient brain is a creative brain

Ultimately, a healthy gut can improve our cognitive processes, meaning changing our diets even ever so slightly can improve our creativity, mood, and overall well-being.

For more healthy snack ideas to boost creativity, make sure to check out part two of our research in the future!

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