We've been supporting professionals since 2011!


Helping to create success in business and life for as many professionals as we can: By providing an affordable online presence and the key tools needed to increase motivation and productivity, reduce stress and strive towards success and happiness!


  1. Offering a stunning but affordable online presence for our members
  2. Business and personal growth through courses and online resources
  3. Helping our members set and continuously achieve their goals
  4. Providing access to the connection and knowledge needed to maintain a business
  5. Providing needed opportunities such as jobs, competitions, and funding
  6. Helping to build the mental resilience needed to sustain and enjoy a business

Our story

For years now, we have worked alongside business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals  across multiple sectors. We understand why ‘success ideas’ fail, whether it’s a lack of insight, not enough follow-through or failing to plan at all!

We have seen this many times and it breaks our heart: people going into business ventures or making personal life commitments, but failing because they did not have the right tools to build success and maintain their motivation.

These disappointments and setbacks in both life and work can be difficult to deal with, and can take their toll on your motivation and health. We have certainly experienced this in Kolleqtive, but the lessons we have learnt have helped us to evolve this business into an inclusive system that will create a stunning online presence and also provide the tools our members need to grow and maintain their business and success. We are here helping professionals get a handle on their professional and personal success! 

A message from the founder

Hello and thank you for visiting KOLLEQTIVE, formerly Fashion Rider.

I have been working with creative professionals for 12 years now, and I am passionate about providing the key elements needed to maintain the productivity, motivation, and resilience to not only grow a business but also to enjoy a great life.

Setbacks in both life and work can affect your determination, and I’ve experienced the negative effects of this first-hand. However, the lessons I’ve learnt have helped me create Kolleqtive as it is today.

Today Kolleqtive is a community of hundreds of inspirational professionals, all achieving their goals together. I would love for you to join us!

susie doenhoff

Questions? We’ve got answers.

We have evolved! After 12 years of supporting creative professionals, and growing ourselves we have now evolved into Kolleqtive.

We have used our experience to create the ultimate tool kit for professionals to increase productivity, reduce stress and grow in all areas of their life!  

We are now a Kolleqtive of inspirational professionals all growing and succeeding together!

Whether you're a creative professional, lawyer or anything in between, as long as you're looking to build, grow and improve your online presence and become more successful, Kolleqtive is for you. With a whole toolkit of products to keep you on track an help to grown your business and support your mind we are confident that you will only be pleased with the results!

Yes, absolutely! We are not just a fashion focused website anymore. We already have a lot of non-fashion related members on our website. If you're a lawyer, caterer, accountant or anything else, you can join us a supplier and find great clients among our community!

Kolleqtive can provide you with the key elements needed to grow your online presence, increase motivation and productivity, while reducing stress. The ultimate business toolkit for professionals. 

A Kolleqtive profile is a simple profile on our website. While having an attractive design it does  our branding in the header and footer. 

Meanwhile, Kolleqtive Pages are a completely personalized one page website with your brand colours and logo. Your visitors won't know you're on Kolleqtive and there won't be any distraction from other profiles on your personal Kolleqtive page.

All your content sits neatly within one page. The advantage of this being that is promotes your services in an uncluttered, direct manner. Your visitors are able to make a quick decision in contrast searching through pages of content to find the information they need. Sometimes less if more and it is clear now that modern internet users have very little time or patience when it comes to finding what they need. Why not help them out here with a beautiful Kolleqtive page? 

No, we take care of all the important, expensive needs for your online presence.

Leaving you time to concentrate on reaching your goals and improving your life!

No, never. You never have to think about the hefty task of maintaining a website. We take care of this for you. 

We think your time is better spent on other things, like reaching your goals and improving your life!

Kolleqtive has an 'explore' page of all our fantastic professionals, and is a great way for potential clients to find you.

Head over to our explore page and search through the amazing talent yourself.

No! You can cancel, and renew, your subscription any time.

Just send us an email by clicking co*****@ko********.com">here and we'll get back to you!