Strategic Productivity: 7 Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

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Let’s take a closer look at what your typical day might look like. Perhaps you wake up, grab your phone, open TikTok, and start scrolling for 30 minutes before convincing yourself to head downstairs. You spend another 20 minutes deciding what to eat for breakfast, then proceed to spend the next three hours watching self-help podcasts, hoping that each one brings you closer to success. Sound familiar?

In this article, I’m going to share 7 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs that can help you on your journey. These insights are based on my experience as an entrepreneur, where I’ve experimented with various routines, morning rituals, and productivity methods.

7 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

1. Unhooked: Take Control of Your Attention

The first productivity hack centers on a tool called “Unhooked.” While YouTube is valuable, it can distract users with entertaining content rather than educational material.

Here’s the key: YouTube is made for entertainment, not education. It’s vital to recognize this because real progress comes from applying knowledge, not just learning. 

Learning is essential, but its impact comes when you apply what you’ve learned. In life, you get ahead by applying not learning.

YouTube is smart but distracting. Tools like Unhooked help by hiding unimportant elements. Activate “Hide Home Feed,” disable side recommendations, and hide comments. Focus on your subscription box—be intentional with it.

True learning happens when you know exactly what you need and educate yourself on it. Return to YouTube with purpose. If there’s a specific aspect of your business that needs attention, immerse yourself in that topic.

A Chrome extension Unhooked, reclaims your attention. Hide distracting elements like the home feed, video sidebar, and comments. Turn off unnecessary recommendations to make YouTube a more intentional source of knowledge.

Hide the home feed, disable side recommendations, and avoid distractions like comments. Be intentional with your learning because, in life, progress comes from applying knowledge, not just acquiring it. Learn, but more importantly, apply the information.

2. Plan Your Day the Night Before

The second, and quite possibly the most important, productivity hack is to plan your day the night before. It might seem too simple, but that’s exactly why many people overlook it. Something remarkable happens overnight when you set your intentions for the next day.

Entering the day with a clear intention has a special effect while you’re sleeping. I’ve noticed this phenomenon myself. It could be as simple as listing three main tasks or goals for the day. In the past, when I was more hands-on in my business, I used to plan my day hour by hour, outlining each hour’s activities.

Now, with the assistance of my calendar and team, things are penciled in, but I prefer a more flexible approach. The key is to review the calendar, understand the upcoming day’s commitments, and jot down three to five key things to accomplish. It’s that simple, and I assure you, it works and can increase your productivity.

So, give it a try tonight. Before tomorrow begins, take a moment to write down three to five things. Your brain will start processing it overnight, and you’ll approach tomorrow with a genuine sense of intention.

7 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

3. Dress for Success, Even at Home

The third productivity hack is all about simplifying your approach to dressing for work, whether you’re heading out for meetings or working from home with virtual calls. Your attire depends on personal preferences and the professional context.

In the early stages of my career, I found that dressing slightly more formally helped counter biases, especially for younger individuals. However, what you wear should ultimately align with your comfort and the nature of your work.

For remote work and virtual meetings, having a go-to outfit can make your routine more efficient. This could be versatile pants, a range of comfortable shirts, and practical shoes. Opting for simplicity and avoiding intricate outfits can streamline decision-making, allowing for a more focused mindset.

Wearing the same outfit consistently might seem unconventional, but it reduces unnecessary choices, making your daily routine more straightforward. The goal is to have a uniform that requires minimal thought, freeing up mental space for more critical tasks.

Personal cues, like choosing certain types of footwear, can also enhance focus and productivity. For instance, wearing formal shoes indoors signals a shift to a work-oriented mindset, while more casual footwear might be reserved for leisure.

While this specific approach may not suit everyone, establishing a personal dress code that aligns with your work habits and environments can contribute to a more productive mindset. Save more elaborate outfits for external meetings or situations that require a higher level of formality. Striking a balance that promotes productivity while considering comfort and personal style is key.

4. Meal Prep for Consistency

The fourth productivity hack for getting stuff done is about keeping things simple with your meals. At the start of the week, make the same meals every day. It doesn’t matter if you have a chef or you do the cooking – this trick works for everyone. Back when I was starting my businesses, I did this to keep things easy.

To mix it up a bit, you can change your meals each week, but stick to the plan for that week. The main idea is to see food as fuel, not something fancy. This helps you save time and not stress too much about what to eat.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy different foods on special days like holidays. But for regular days, think of food as something that gives you energy. This way of thinking is a bit like how I grew up in Russia – food was more about keeping you going than making a big deal about it.

So, the trick is to plan simple meals for the week, keeping things consistent and looking at food as your body’s fuel.

7 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

5. Delete TikTok and Mute Instagram Stories (Unless Work-Related): Eliminate Distractions

The fifth productivity hack suggests considering deleting TikTok unless it directly aligns with your work. If you use TikTok for business, like being a short-form content creator, affiliate marketer, or lead generator, it’s logical to keep it.

However, for those without a direct correlation, it might be a good idea to delete it. TikTok is designed to capture attention without providing significant benefits. 

Even if you follow someone on TikTok, it’s possible to engage with the content without having the app.

I, for instance, purely to understand the platform due to work-related content being posted. The small benefit of short clips on TikTok, mainly for entertainment, might not outweigh the downsides of getting distracted by less valuable content.

Another tip is to mute everyone on Instagram. While Instagram is essential for social connections and personal branding, you don’t need to watch everyone’s stories or posts. Personally, It’s crucial to focus and protect your attention from unnecessary distractions.

6. Simplify Your Morning Routine

The next productivity hack is to create a simple three-step morning routine. Most morning routines with many steps are not effective. I used to have a 10-step routine that took four hours, so I get it. I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m not here to judge; I’m here to share what actually works.

When you see those 15-step morning routines or waking up at 5 am, it’s not necessary. Wake up whenever suits you. If you have work or school, being an early riser helps, but it’s not a rule. I dropped out at 17 because I was already making money and had a business to run, taking care of myself and my single mom.

Now, I wake up at 8:30, as my work schedule aligns with different time zones. Find a simple three-step routine. 

Your routine might be different, like working out in the evening. Keep it simple, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half from waking up to starting your day.

7. Lay Out Your Clothes: Minimize Decision Fatigue

Another easy hack is to lay out your clothes the night before. This minimizes decision fatigue in the morning. Have a simple, easy-to-put-together “homework uniform” and prepare it the night before. If you work out in the morning, especially lay out your workout clothes. It takes two minutes but makes your morning much smoother.

7 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

I share this with love and honesty. I’ve tried many things, and this is what has worked for me. I hope it helps you, and I’m cheering for you from afar.

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