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vicki lord

Vicky Lord

Hair Stylist from Canterbury

Vicki Lord is a session stylist with over 23 years experience, specialising in hair dressing and session hair styling.

Rachael Dutton

Rachael Dutton

Makeup Artist from Greater Manchester

I am a freelance “Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in Manchester” with extensive experience within the beauty industry.

Clockwork Radio

Clockwork Radio

Band from Greater Manchester

Clockwork Radio are an alternative rock band from Wales, now based in Manchester & have self-released four EPs …
Josephine Anthony

Josephine Anthony

Fashion Designer from London

An innovative and adaptable designer with a keen eye for shilouettes, trends and colour. In recent years I have worked as a designer…

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Daniel Johnson

Fashion Stylist from London

I’m Daniel Johnson and I have been working as a personal stylist for men since 2009. When I started this business I would catch the train …

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Jim Richards

Photographer from USA

Hi my name is Jim Richards, I live in Savannah, Ga. I started painting when I was a boy, taking art lessons at age 12. I attended Paier school of Art…

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Susie Doenhoff
Susie Doenhoff

A message from the founder

Hello and thank you for visiting KOLLEQTIVE, formerly Fashion Rider.

I have been working with creative professionals for 12 years now, and I am passionate about providing the key elements needed to maintain the productivity, motivation, and resilience to not only grow a business but also to enjoy a great life.

Setbacks in both life and work can affect your determination, and I’ve experienced the negative effects of this first-hand. However, the lessons I’ve learnt have helped me create Kolleqtive as it is today.

Today Kolleqtive is a community of hundreds of inspirational professionals, all achieving their goals together. I would love for you to join us!

susie doenhoff

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