Fashion Advice: What does fear tell you?

Team Kolleqtive

What we are going to take a look at:

What does fear tell you as you go into that next pitch or as you sit down to create?

Fear keeps us away from new experiences, stops us looking at changing things that we are unhappy with and from learning from life’s hiccups – the very opportunities that we want to grab for a satisfying career.

If you can find a way to have a closer look at what fear is doing to your career you can often put the concerns into perspective and take action instead. In your busy fashion schedule when did you last have time to take a closer look at whether you were feeling anxious? Maybe you’re so busy you don’t have time to see when fear creeps in and causes you to miss out on those exciting opportunities!

If you need any further help I am always happy to chat. Please feel free to contact me: Jenny Isaac

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