Fashion & Sustainability in 2020

Team Kolleqtive

2020. A fresh start and a chance to make a change.

The opportunity to lead, not follow, and to put new plans in place.

The mantra for many fashion brands as they head into 2020 with new vigour and determination.

However, the road ahead isn’t always clear, and sustainable fashion is most certainly not clear cut.

Second, to the oil industry, the world of fashion causes an unprecedented amount of damage to the environment.

Which is why, collectively, 2020 must be the year we turn a corner. To learn from those companies already making big strides in this area and for others to be brave, step forward, and lead innovative change.

Leading Fashion Campaigns

There is currently a large campaign ongoing withing the fashion sector, which focuses on ditching cheap synthetics like polyester and nylon and encouraging fashion designers as well as consumers to opt for more natural materials like cotton and linen instead.

This campaign hopes that if everyone looks to reduce their carbon footprint, even by a little amount, the positive impact it could have would be significant.

We have also seen sustainable campaigns make an appearance on catwalk layouts and runways. Focusing on the fashion industry being carbon neutral, one of the most notable campaigns was led by Dior, who used 164 real trees for their runway show, replanting them afterward in a visual statement.

However, the most significant commitment to sustainability came in the summer of 2019, where 32 big names within the fashion industry came together to sign the “fashion pact,” which was introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Tackling the environmental crisis head-on, this is a major commitment, showing 100% dedication to the cause.

More than Words

In our last article on sustainable fashion, we talked about Millennials and their drive for businesses to become more socially conscious.  Recent reports have since taking this further with statistics showing that 60% of consumers have stated that they would change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. And 70% of these consumers would pay a premium for more sustainable products.

But actions speak louder than words, and to be genuinely sustainable in 2020 and beyond, brands must look to revolutionise every aspect of their business.

Every aspect.

Brands need to look at their supply chains, workers’ rights, recycling options, the materials they choose to use in their designs and manufacturing processes, and so much more.

Things need to change on a big scale, for sustainability to count.

Leading the Way

Those visionaries leading the fight for a more sustainable future include Megan Eddings, founder, and CEO of Accel Lifestyle, where Eddings is leading in the development of sustainable and versatile fabrics. Fabrics that are so much better for our environment.

Stella McCartney is also a big player in sustainable fashion, producing clothes using organic cotton and recycled polyester and plastics.  You will also find Stella McCartney stores lined with recyclable foam and wastepaper, with biodegradable mannequins used inside!


Levi’s is a big named brand that has become a leader in reducing chemical and water use in its products by applying new and innovative finishing techniques.

H&M has made their sustainability commitment very clear, with their updated conscious green tag collection, they highlight the products that contain at least 50% sustainable materials.


Toms was one of the first movers in socially responsible retail. Focussing on several social issues such as homelessness and female empowerment.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

The fashion industry must bring back the passion for fashion by showing their commitment to protecting our planet.

Brands should design their environmental goals with science and data behind them, being completely transparent in their processes and offering consumers insight into their world.

It is this element of transparency that will help create a more calming effect and provide much more clarity and focus as we move into 2020.

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