One Love Manchester

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On Sunday, in support of the victims of the Manchester attack two weeks ago, Ariana Grande and many other global stars performed at the One Love concert in Manchester. It was a huge show, with artists including Justin Bieber, Coldplay and Little Mix, put together in under two weeks, when normally such a show would take six months to put together. But, the performers put aside their schedules and performed at a concert watched globally by millions and is this year’s most watched program on British TV and has helped raise over £10million for the victims’ fund.

One love

Of course, there have been many other concerts in the past put on in order to raise money for charities. Live Aid in 1985 is one of the biggest, held for the starving in Africa, with artists including Queen and David Bowie. In 2001, there was a 9/11 tribute concert put together just ten days after the attacks with U2 and Bruce Springsteen performing, amongst many others.

So these are examples of the powerful force of music to bring people together, to show love and unity in the face of tragedy and make money for charity.


There are also many examples of fashion giving back to society. ASOS have a Made in Kenya brand which works with projects and schools in Kenya to design the collection under fair trade principles. The company Toms donates shoes, eyewear or a week of clean water to someone in need for every purchase made. Lemlem was started by model Liya Kebede, and was founded to give jobs to women across Africa and to preserve traditional Ethiopian weaving methods, making hand spun women and children’s clothing.

The fashion industry is as exciting and powerful as the music industry, imagine what we could achieve if we all came together to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


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