Underwear trends of 2019

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From the comfiest and most supportive you can imagine to the most Risque Lingerieb1197a9624c19c9ac197924357e6d57b 6, 2019 has seen it all.

However, the biggest lingerie trend we’ve seen this year includes that of shapewear. Focussed on boosting natural curves, confidence, and sex appeal, shapewear moved away from lingerie that concentrated on creating a slimming effect to instead targeting enhancing figures and boosting confidence.

This is why throughout 2019, we’ve seen bodysuits with tummy controls, high waisted briefs for hip smoothing, and Swimwear9516dcf65001dd93001c903b11e6dddb 1 that has also offered the same controls — all allowing you to be in control of your style on every occasion.

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Corset dresses and bright and bold colours have also been some of the most popular trends throughout 2019. Making a statement, standing out, wearing styles with confidence, and ultimately not hiding underwear away but instead using it to create a fashion statement.

We’ve also seen trends this year with the culotte brief, bralettes (proving to be extremely popular and showing no sign of slowing down), velvet lingerie, and did we mention really bold colours?!

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Agent Provocateur Risque Lingerieb1197a9624c19c9ac197924357e6d57b 6 campaigns throughout 2019, in particular, have looked at creating underwear that is fun and uplifting. Lingerie that is styled for different body types, with body positivity being a big focus. With the cut, of the barely their Prudence high-necked bra, or the vintage-inspired Rozlyn caged waspie – Agent Provocateurs autumn/winter campaign stood out for `how it feels to be a woman. `

With luxurious quality coming as standard Agent Provocateur continues to reinvent their lingerie lines, with their dedication to exquisite craftsmanship remaining as consistent as ever.

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With up to 70% off across their site currently, is now the perfect time to get those last-minute Christmas gifts sorted?!

Agent Provocateur (UK)

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