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Here at Fashion Rider we appreciate a keen fashion blogger. Fashion blogging is something that has grown immensely through the past few years with some lucky writers collaborating with big names such as Swedish style blogger Elin Kling and H&M in 2011. Fashion blogging, whether it’s on a private blog or a social media such as Instagram, has the potential to gain thousands of followers and readers.

But what can you do to ‘make it’ as a successful one? And when you do and bag yourself that collaboration, how do you keep it fair, legal and secure? That’s where Tahir comes in. Tahir Basheer is an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm, Sheridans. So listen up!

1) Get it in writing:

You may be thinking “Isn’t this obvious?” But you’d be surprised how far a piece of paper goes. This piece of paper should be filled with details of your collaboration, signed by both parties to avoid any confusion later in the project. This sets out the limits on your working relationship, your obligations, the brand obligations, payment, liability and IP. Have this finalised before you start any work and finally, keep it safe!

2) Be IP (intellectual property) savvy:

Copyright any photos, writing, creating artwork or drawing designs that you want to keep as yours through this project. Some brands will often include owndership to them in the agreement, so read it properly and change if necessary. This is definitely something to consider when negotiating your fees etc.

3) Protect your rights:

Register your name as a trademark. If you’ve made it as a successful blogger then why not secure your professional name as just that, a profession? A registered trademark can add huge value when negotiating a project or collaboration which makes a useful bargaining tool with fees etc. This can also create licensing opportunities in the future.

4) Push your brand:

We know that preaching about the power of publicity is not necessary to bloggers. It is a tool that can make or break, so make sure you agree clearly how your blog/brand will be represented throughout the project and in any related PR. Include provisions relating to the misuse of your brand too.

5) Know your worth:

The time old tale of “If you don’t ask you won’t get!” is more than helpful on this one. Consider how valuable your experience is, how influential your blog/brand is and if the brand is using any of your IP. Be confident and know you worth, it may help you go a long way.

6) When/how will you get paid:

As said in tip 1, get this agreed before you start, in writing. Don’t get ripped off but don’t expect big bucks on your first break. Get those negotiation skills workin’ guys!

7) Be aware of obligations relating to paid promotions:

This is a big one. Do your research, be transparent and disclose any sponsorship to the public. Good luck!

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