What do you need to make a Business Plan for a Small Business?

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Your Business plan can be regarded as the foundation of your business. Having a good business plan will guide you through each stage of starting and managing your small business. It gives you a way to think through the fundamental aspects of your business.

Having a good business plan helps you clarify your strategy, identify potential hindrances, decide what you will need in terms of resources, and evaluate how viable your business ideas are before fully starting the business. Apart from this, a good business plan also attracts external funding or business partners (as long as they can see a good return of investment). 

But as a prospective small business owner, it is essential to keep in mind some key points when writing your business plan before it can be effective and provide all the benefits outlined above. 

This article will be looking at some things to know when making a business plan for your small business.

Knowing who your target audience is.

When making a business plan for your small business, it is important to consider the audience your business is targeting. As a prospective small business owner, when you know who your customers would likely be, you would be able to create a plan that would have them in consideration. For example, the business plan you would draft that involves selling to teenagers would be completely different from a plan that involves selling to older women. Both involve selling products but involve a completely different strategy.

Giving proper time to research.

As a small business owner, your business ideas and vision will surely form the foundation of some sections of your business plan. But some of the most important information you will need when making your business plan requires intensive research from independent sources. That is why you need to invest proper time in understanding whether there is demand for your product or service, who you are selling your product or service to, and who else is selling products or services that are similar to yours. After tackling this, you would be able to streamline your options and forge a plan that can stand the test of time.

Keeping your business plan short, direct, and precise.

When making a business plan for your small business, you should make sure that it is short, straight to the point, and readable. Generally, a business plan for small businesses is within 15 to 20 pages; so, your business plan should not exceed 20 pages. But if additional documents may be relevant to your business goals and target audience and make your plan exceed 20 pages, then it is advisable to consider adding them as appendices.

Understanding your ideal customer profile.

To make a business plan that will be effective, it is important to understand your ideal customer profile, especially in terms of demographics. You can know this by checking out government data about the size of the group. You can also check projected changes to the number of people in your target age range over the next few years.

Keeping the style, tone, and voice consistent.

It would be best to write your business plan with consistency in tone, voice, and style. Therefore, it is important to note that enough time should be given to properly edit the business plan before using it for your small business. You can even use visual aids to help communicate your idea better. Resources like Logocreator.io come in handy in this situation.


For your business plan to be effective and for your business to grow, you must note these points when making your business plan for your small business.       

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