Catwalks go digital!

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Maximising digital and online opportunities 

How we show and display items online, and the descriptions provided to them, must be thought about differently and much more creatively if brands want to cut through the noise.

One innovative example is from fashion designer Steven Tai who put his fashion labels creativity to the test by creating a virtual look book.

Using an online turntable, Tai created 360-degree pictures of the collections, so consumers and buyers could get a detailed look at all pieces.

Did it work?

According to Tai, they reported that over half of the orders placed had been generated through their online look book.

Fashion shows are changing how we view up and coming collections, with Dior and Burberry both announcing that they will continue with their scheduled catwalk debuts this year – without an audience but live-streamed to audiences around the world.

Credit: Dior

It’s about letting people in and building a virtual connection with them that lasts.

It’s an excellent opportunity to show everyone that we don’t have to stop; we simply have to adapt and change.

Changes in mindset have created a demand for slower fashion

People’s attitude towards what they wear has changed and is now a lot more relaxed.

This shift in demand and mindset has also led to designers re-examining their collections.  Creating fewer designs (mainly due to a slowdown in manufacturing and supply of materials) and opting for a narrower focus, using more accessible and casual fabrics with creativity built-in.

Rediscovering the magic of marketing

Fashion brands need to continue to engage with customers online through social media channels.  Whether it’s posting inspirational tweets, pictures working from home, pictures of your pets as you work from home, to even hosting customer quizzes, and interviews with influencers across social media – it’s all about engagement and retaining your presence.

The fashion industry is renowned for always evolving and adapting.

Adapting more sustainable business models, utilising local supply chains, and maximising the creativity of digital.

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