2 Common Fears for Entrepreneurs and How to Overcome Them

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Every entrepreneur wonders if they’re on the right track if their business is going to work out and if their time, money, and energy will all be worth it in the end. These questions are all a part of starting your own business. There will be times when you doubt if things will work out in the way you want them to, but when that happens you need to learn to look at these things in a different way.

Facing financial problems, setbacks, and other challenges can seem overwhelming. These issues are what cause many entrepreneurs to quit. They think that they are not tough enough to succeed in their journey because it seems too difficult at the moment. They begin to fear the challenges that lie ahead and decide to quit.

When it comes to fear, you have two choices:

You can drop everything and run, or, face the challenges and rise above them.

The choice is obvious. The first option gives you an easy out, but it will leave you without a way forward. Everything that you dreamed of and desired will cease to exist because of your fears. If you choose the second option, you can push past your fears and turn them into determination to succeed!

Everything you could possibly want will be waiting for you on the other side of your fears. Once you face them, you will see yourself become stronger emotionally and mentally, and you’ll see the success you’ve had.

The 2 most common fears for entrepreneurs are:

Fear of the Unknown

This is the most common fear for entrepreneurs. You may have prepared everything the best you could have, but you’ll still face uncertainty. That is just how it is. You need to remember that you cannot move forward and find new successes if you are too afraid to take the first step.

If you worry that you don’t have the right skill set, just do it anyway. You can learn as you go through the journey. You need to trust yourself enough to take the first step even if you don’t think there is a way forward. Having faith is the best way to eliminate the fear of the unknown. You need to believe in yourself!

There are so many people that try to start a business thinking that they can make quick and easy money. Most of those people end up failing and quitting their business because they thought of it as an “easy out”. They quit because they don’t believe in themselves, they let their fears take over.

The next time you feel your fears coming in, ask yourself why you feel them. Is it because you’ve had a stable income with your business as a “side-hustle” but you’re too afraid to quit your day job? By asking yourself these questions you can understand what your fears are and what fuels them.

By figuring this out, you’re able to make a plan to overcome your fears. In this example, you can save up money over the course of a few months to help you in case you run into anything unexpected. You need to analyze your fears and learn from them. The only way to see progress is to keep going no matter what comes along.

Failure is one of the Common Fears for Entrepreneurs

The Fear of Failure

Failing is another major fear that keeps entrepreneurs from reaching their goals and achieving their dreams. This fear has stopped so many people than other fears. This fear can appear in many different ways. You can be worried that your efforts will go to waste, that you won’t make money, that your time isn’t worth it, those are all the fear of failure. Most people will brush this off by saying they don’t want to waste their time on something if it won’t work out in the end.

But, you’ll never know unless you try. It may take years to create a business that will keep you in a comfortable income range consistently. If you allow fear to take over, you may not even start that journey and you’ll never know what you could have made out of it.

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You could be afraid of what your peers will think of you if you face any kind of hardship or setback in your journey. But, their opinions shouldn’t matter to you. Other people can be the harshest critics when you start finding success, you shouldn’t let them prevent you from following your dreams.

The best way to cope with potential failure is to ask yourself what are the things that could go wrong. Once you’ve done that you can start planning for how to act on those if they ever do happen. You’ll know what to do when you face those obstacles, and you can blow right by them!

These were the two of the most common Fears for Entrepreneurs. However, Online courses and E-Books are an excellent, cost-effective way to stay on top of your game and keep you moving toward your goals. This is why we are now adding many of these great resources to our store. Join us today, or head over to our store to check out our resources!

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