3 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

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The fear that you aren’t good enough to succeed

This fear stems from previous failures and hardships that you’ve experienced in your life. Most people don’t have a natural affinity or interest in certain subjects in school, so they may not do well. If someone is gifted in the arts, they may fail in math or science because of this. That person may not see the potential they have in themselves because of this one failure, it may make them feel like they aren’t capable of success despite being gifted in other areas.

As Albert Einstein said, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Meaning that if we all placed judgement on ourselves based on our past performances, we will prevent ourselves from finding success.

You should never doubt yourself or give up on yourself. You’ll face a learning curve when creating your business, everyone does. You will make mistakes, but you must recognize that is just a part of the process. If you quit at this point in the process because of self-doubt, you will never be able to improve.

The only way to improve is to continue learning and progressing. A lot of beginners will look at the people they idolize or those whole are famous in their felid and feel very intimidated. They believe that these other people are better than them because they are richer than them. The key to getting past those thoughts is to not compare yourself against others. If you are constantly comparing yourself to others, you will feel unhappy with yourself and fail to see the progress you have made. You just need to focus on being the best that you can possibly be!

The truth is everyone started out at the beginning. Success is not something that happens overnight, everyone has their own journey and path to achieve success. If you are afraid that you will fail or not find success, you’ve already given up on yourself before your journey even began. You must have confidence in yourself.

Making mistakes is vital to improving yourself. You learn faster, easier, and better from mistakes. Failing is simply a part of finding success.

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The fear that you’ve started too late

Some people may try to put oyu down by targeting your age. But don’t let them get to you. Businesses come and go, but entrepreneurs are here to stay. It is never too late for you to start achieving your dreams!

Having Limiting Beliefs

This final fear in the list is not a fear at all, but a pattern of beliefs that could prevent you from succeeding. Many people hold themselves back from finding success because of what they believe about their abilities.

Many of us have an existing set of beliefs due to what we experienced and observed during our childhoods. It can be hard to push past these beliefs because they are so deeply ingrained in us. To overcome these beliefs, you need to recognize them and begin correcting them. Once you acknowledge that you are the only thing limiting yourself, your life and business will change. Just remember to keep telling yourself that you are worthy and capable of success.

Hopefully, through this article, you’ve come to understand that fear is just false “evidence” appearing to be real. Our minds turn the things and thoughts around us into our fears. The best way to push past these fears is to act upon them. Figuring out why you feel the way you do is best, that way you can get rid of your fears.

Do not allow fear to live your life for you. Make a good plan for yourself, one that you can be srue to follow. When that plan is in place, you can work it until you succeed. Even when it may seem like nothing is going as expected and your fears are beginning to creep back in, just keep on moving forward!

This article is a sneak peek of our Set your Commitments & Goals (Vol. 1) eBook

Reach your Commitments and Goals faster!

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