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It’s always incredible and inspiring to see the level of creativity and innovation in a new building structure, a new development’s architectural design, or the artistic vibrancy that can be added to places and areas.  

Now, the possibilities are endless. And when architectural teams and construction firms work hand in hand with artists and designers, we can visibly see stories, ideas, and innovation, come to life.   

Spaces of all sizes no longer have to be drab, high rise, monotone-coloured places.  

Instead, we want to create beautiful, stunning, and attractive places, to work, visit, relax, come together, and more. Encouraging collaboration, connectivity, and pushing creative boundaries like never before.

Instead, places, areas, and buildings are brought to life through art and design, and one of such cool places in the town that is most definitely showing its cool side is the development of the Design District in London.

As part of the large-scale regeneration project in the Greenwich peninsula, the design district aims to put the needs of creatives front and centre with slick, bold, innovative architecture and inviting public spaces that focus on building a buzzing business community.

cool places in the town

The concept for the design and layout of the space is structured around four quarters with a central area. Bringing all creatives, from start-ups to those established freelancers and businesses, together in one place, connecting and collaborating.

Everything is visible, with a central food hall comprising global street food vendors and the main bar for all refreshments; the design district is fast becoming the place to entertain clients and a place to go when looking for that all-important inspiration.

Oh, and did we mention it also boasts a rooftop basketball court with stunning views across London?!

With art installation by Liz West, the design district is an outstanding piece of architectural design that maximises the use of space, bringing creative collaboration into the heart and soul of Greenwich, London.

Be the best you can be, a vision by Yinka Ilori

Another new, bold, and colourful and of the cool places in the town to check in on is Bank Street Park in Canary Wharf.

Transforming Bank Street Park into a vision of colour, artist Yinka Ilori has created a bright and vibrant space for everyone to enjoy. The installation and design of a basketball court and the surrounding park walls aim to push people further, inspiring them to “be the best they can be.”

Ilori’s art aims to bring people together, remind us to create memories with friends and family, and have fun and enjoy what we have right in front of us.

Providing us with a conversation through design, Bank Street Park is currently a very inspiring place to be!

As creatives, we draw our inspiration from various places and people. It’s what drives us forward and pushes us in our thinking.

Bringing creatives together encourages brilliant collaborations, incredible designs, art installations, storytelling through photography that captures every essence, and so much more.

2022 is a year that we believe will continue to bring creatives together, and we can’t wait to see the work coming through on display.

If you know of any other cool places in the town worth checking out, email us at co*****@ko********.com, we’d love to hear about them!

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