Creativity and Environment: Here is how they’re linked

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Do you find it difficult to stay focused on your work? Or do you lack the mental clarity and creativity you need to succeed? Could it be the environment you are in?

Creativity is a mental state that allows people to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions. Creativity cannot flourish when it’s too hot, cold, or noisy around us because our attention is easily distracted. This leads to mental fatigue which makes concentration difficult and creates a lack of mental clarity.

The link between creativity and environment

When our mental state is less than good, one of the contributors could be the environment we are in is not supporting us.

There are different kinds of environmental factors which cause negative effects on people’s health, be it physically or mentally. When we are in a bad environment, it is harder to think clearly and solve problems which could be the reason for decreased productivity at work or school. When mental fatigue sets in, life becomes difficult and can reduce our ability to think creatively.

Creativity and Environment

This is what mental health and creativity coach; Ira Israel points out in his TEDx talk: “The physical environment that we’re in also affects our mental state. It may not be the only thing affecting that mental state, but it has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how productive we can be. If we change the physical environment, we can also change mental health.”

A bad physical environment such as polluted air, uncomfortable temperatures or dirty surroundings can all lead to mental fatigue and decreased creativity, which is something we as business owners and professionals want to avoid.

To prevent mental fatigue from happening we should try to create an environment where we are comfortable, relaxed and can think clearly without any distractions which include noise or other people that may be present in the area.

How to create a better environment for everyone

Creating a better environment that’s conducive for creativity takes a bit of effort, but it is possible. Here are a few ways that we can contribute to a better environment for ourselves and our communities:

  • Indoor gardens are great for our minds as they improve our moods and reduce stress levels. Green house plants in the office help increase oxygen levels which contribute to the mental clarity of every employee because it reduces stress by releasing toxins from the body.

  • Being environmentally friendly can contribute to our creativity. Where possible we should try to avoid using plastic bottles, packaging materials or other things that are not biodegradable as this leads to the pollution which is detrimental to mental well-being.

  • Environmental toxins such as chemicals from paints, furniture and building materials can cause health problems if not taken care of properly. As a business owner, you should always check the kind of material being used for a certain product, especially when doing renovations or purchasing new furnishings.

Creativity is needed by all business owners and entrepreneurs to stay productive. By taking small steps like this, we can help to improve our environment while at the same time, creating a better world for our well-being and creativity. 

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