Do these things to help you take the stress out of moving

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It is no secret that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. However, with a bit of planning and good luck, it should be able to go without a hitch, and you should be able to be sitting comfortably with your feet up – albeit surrounded by boxes – supping coffee or your other favorite beverage and munching on your favorite nibble on your first evening of occupying your new home, totally relaxed and stress-free.

By making sure that every step of your move is well planned

It is important to plan your move right down to the last step to be made to keep your stress levels to a minimum and your move to be calm as you can make it.

If you have kids, it is probably a good idea, if possible, to get them to have a sleepover either around a friend’s home or with a family member, as there is nothing more stressful than trying to concentrate, organize important matters and get things done while having over-excited kids running around screaming and being uncontrollable.

Ensure that you have let all your utility suppliers know that you are moving and that they have whatever information they need from you to make the correct final payments on your accounts, or know that you are in for a nice little refund if you have overpaid.

Check that you have given out your new address and the date that you are moving to the businesses you have dealings with and any family members and friends so that you do not have this hassle when you get into your new home.

Get a couple of quotes for moving costs

It is good to have a few quotes for moving costs to see that you are getting value for money. You may be lucky and have one or two businesses recommended to you by friends or family members but if not, checking out the services of Apartment movers is a really good place to start as at apartment movers, you can get quotes and compare prices from multiple businesses.

Ensure that boxes are included in your removal costs (or that you are aware that they are not so you can budget for these when buying them elsewhere) and that adequate insurance is also offered within the quotation price.

Keep your packing organized

When packing up your items – if your moving company does this for you, it is wise to keep an eye on what they are doing. However, keep your boxes well organized if you are doing it yourself, and make sure to purchase good quality packing tape for the bottom and top of your boxes; it is important not to skimp on the amount of tape you use when taping up your boxes. 

Another stress saver is not to muddle up rooms within one box just because there is space. Instead, complete one room at a time and write which room the items have come out of on the front and top of any boxes. Be sure to have plenty of packaging materials such as bubble wrap or tissue paper for those delicate items and to have breakable clearly written on the boxes.

It is very wise to have an overnight bag packed with essentials so that you do not have to unpack all your boxes when you arrive at your new home and that you have a picnic bag with kitchen essentials and a bite to eat so you can unwind when you get to your destination.

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