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Do you have an event to host? Maybe a leaving do or Christmas party, but feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of venues to choose from? Then this article is for you. It goes without saying that when it’s your party, you do not stop worrying. But that shouldn’t be the case if you’ve appropriately prepared and selected the best venue that holds your event. Like every parent says, preparation is key.

A lot of the preparation does come down to general knowledge. You wouldn’t hire a 100 person room for 30 of you, you wouldn’t put a meat feast on if you majority of your guests are vegetarians and of course, you wouldn’t hire a rock music DJ for a pensioners party (well, unless they’re fanatics) and the list goes on. This is why we at Fashion Rider have spoken to Lee from a great Manchester venue; Tribeca.

Located in the city centre of Manchester, Tribeca know a thing or two about selecting the right venue for you and have sent us some pointers you should most definitely take in mind. The first? Numbers, numbers, numbers. Don’t risk losing money by not being certain on who is and who isn’t coming. For a lot of events it is normal to pay per head, so make sure all heads give you that yes.

Don’t book blind. Go and have a look at the event, look around and get a feel for the place before you make any commitments. This will avoid any unwanted mishaps and embarrassment if the venue is not what you expected – i.e. unclean, dangerous and so on.

Speak to the person in charge. Don’t rely on the word of the waitress or bartender, although they may be nice and professional, they are not in charge or have the say on negotiating and other agreements. Always go through details with the general manager.

Put it on paper. To save confusion and arguments have any agreements such as prices down on paper, printed and signed. Just in case.

Pre-order. Whether you’re having a sit down meal or just drinks, pre-order to make things for more smoothly. Not only could this avoid hassle and stress of ordering on the night, pre-ordering usually leaves room for negotiation. Tribeca say ‘most venue owners will be happy to give you around 10-20% off the normal costs of their drinks’. Happy days.

Finally, read the small print. Sit down and concentrate on the terms and conditions section to gain a full understanding at what you’re getting into. The fine print may have details such as deposits or cancellation fines. Careful!

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