Exercises to boost creativity and wellness

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Believe it or not, creative people aren’t creative all of the time. We, too, suffer from moments of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the dreaded….creative block.

However, numerous studies have shown that those who exercise regularly (up to four times per week) perform better on tests of creativity as opposed to those who don’t.

exercises to boost creativity

For example, regular exercise is associated with improved divergent and convergent thinking – two big components in creative thinking, with divergent focusing on how we look at multiple solutions to problems and convergent involving thinking of a solution to a problem.

This research and snippet of information got us thinking. And researching. And we’ve found some great quick and easy exercises to boost creativity that you could introduce into your busy working day and improve your overall well-being.

How to avoid the creative block

Getting up and getting moving not only helps to keep us fit but also helps focus our thinking – and what better way to get moving than with an aerobics class.

Just half an hour of aerobic exercise a day is proven to improve your creativity and really get the blood pumping. What’s more, the effects of this type of exercise can last for two hours afterwards, making it a great lunchtime activity to help get you through the afternoon!

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of fun into the creative process (and your day in general), dancing is not only a great form of exercise; it can also improve our mood and significantly impact the creative process. 

Often all you need is a good environment, which makes outdoor activities great. Anything from walking to hiking, cycling, running, and more, being in a natural setting, away from technology and other distractions is key. In fact, research shows that going outside for a run is much better for creativity and motivation than running on a treadmill indoors as it helps to provide a calming effect rather than overloading our minds with clutter as we still haven’t escaped the “four walls.”

This leads us on to cycling. Cycling is a great way to escape it all. Not racing or dirt bike riding but taking a gentle cycle to allow you to clear your mind and let it wander, letting inspiration flow through and those Eureka moments pop.

Booking yourself in for a sports massage also comes with many benefits; most importantly, it provides motivation and can help to put you in the right frame of mind. Allowing you to switch off so inspiration can flow more freely.

Go for a walk. When you feel that nothing seems to be going right, and you’re going around in circles looking for the perfect solution, going for a walk is one of the best and most recommended ways to reignite those creative juices.

Meditate. Helping to focus your breathing, which in turn provides structure and brings order to your day, meditation can be particularly helpful when you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed or bogged down.

Possibilities have never been clearer

Exercise can be a form of control and a way to escape for many creatives across various sectors, from fashion designers, photographers, artists, and more.

Helping to make our thinking sharper, more focused and providing us clarity to tackle the task at hand, ultimately exercise helps us feel good, lowers anxiety and fear, and increases the flow of creativity, helping to expand the possibilities of expression.

However, beware, an exercise that requires high levels of attention and focus can detract from rather than encourage creative thoughts. That’s why long-term low-impact exercises, like some of the activities mentioned above, are vital. 

At Fashion Rider, we believe that creativity can thrive when an emotional balance exists in our lives.

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