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Fashion alterations – big business as we focus more on a sustainable future

  • September 1, 2020
  • Miscellaneous

Sustainability is the one word that is global right now, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

And indeed, it shouldn’t.

With so much at risk, businesses, industries, and individuals, collectively, are making positive changes.

In previous posts, we’ve looked at how the fashion industry can become more sustainable, and the great strides businesses are making in changing the face of fashion.

Changing processes, manufacturing, materials, renewable sources, and also focusing on changing how consumers shop.

With a move away from fast fashion, could another step in the sustainable future be alterations?

Recently Fashion rider caught up with Ms. Novelette Ellis, the proud owner of Novelette Novalis, a fashion alteration and design service based in London.

Raising the Profile

Kickstarting 2020, fashion alteration and design services have certainly been thrown into the limelight with celebrities at two of the most prestigious awards ceremonies, the BAFTAS and the Oscars, encouraged to recycle and re-wear their past outfits.

Both of these awards asked guests to make sustainable choices when it came to choosing their outfit for the red carpet, and the stars did not disappoint.

Kate Middleton championed sustainability at the Baftas by re-wearing the beautiful Alexander McQueen gown, which she had previously worn in 2012, and Rebel Wilson took it to a whole new level with her outfit choice. Combining two older and previously worn gowns together to create a brand-new look for the red carpet.  And using black satin which was left over from the gown Saoirse Ronan wore to the Bafta’s, she also rocked the Oscars in a newly V-neck styled bodice by Gucci!

For many, this is sustainability at its finest – as long as you have the right alteration and design service, as Ms. Ellis will tell you.

Thinking outside the box

A cliché statement but one which the fashion industry continues to use as we see new styles and designs coming to the forefront every season.

However, what we now see is fashion styles and designs with a twist.

Looking into your wardrobe and instead of throwing away old clothing (which costs billions and causes millions of unwanted CO2 emissions) reusing pieces in the most innovative of ways!

As a fashion alteration and design service, Ms. Ellis shows her support for sustainable fashion.

Providing many of her customers with a new look and new style, without costing the environment!’

Not all plain sailing

However, as many of our members will tell you, the fashion industry is not for the faint-hearted.

When we caught up with Ms. Ellis, and she offered some valuable advice to others:

“Don’t give in to setback.  Setback is an experience to make you stronger”.

It’s important to remember that we learn from our experiences, from each other, from industry, and our customers.

It’s what helps us as individuals and businesses grow and develop.

Learning from others can be an invaluable resource, but it’s also important to remember to learn and talk to the right people.

Ms Ellis, final points to Fashion Rider…

Be careful who you choose to partner/work with.

If you’re looking to partner with companies, make sure everything is outlined, and meets everyone’s expectations.


“Keep going. If it’s your dream, and you work hard, things will fall into place when you least expect it”.

To find out more about Ms. Novelette Ellis and her great alteration and design services, visit

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