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Going to a casino can be an exciting experience for first timers. However, this could also be stressful if you don’t know the proper attire to wear in a casino.

If you are interested to know the appropriate casino attire, then read on.

Casino Attire Is Location-Dependent

A lot of people would think that formal clothing is the only attire allowed inside the casino. However, this is no longer applicable since the casino’s dress code has changed and become more adaptable over the years.

Some casinos may have different dress codes depending on their location. For instance, casinos located on the beachfront may allow their guests to wear more relaxed clothing such as shorts, which are usually not allowed in casinos in most urban cities. Some casinos have a strict smartphone policy whilst others allow picture-taking.

If you want to be sure, you should visit the casino’s website and check their dress codes. This is especially helpful if you will be invited to an exclusive or high-end casino since clothing etiquette might be more formal and stricter.

Ensure that you follow the dress code to be permitted to go to the establishment. You don’t have to be lavish but ensure that you are clothed within the dress rule.

Casino Dress Code For Gentlemen

Men dressing up for casinos usually opt for either formal or casual ensembles. Since men have fewer choices, it is best to stick with the dress code and ensure that you are wearing something neat and clean.

For casual dress clothes, a pair of jeans and sneakers may be allowed as long as it’s clean and not ripped or tattered. You can stick with leather shoes or loafers that are equally comfortable and could pass for both formal and casual wear as safer choices.

You can also check the casino if they allow working clothes if you plan to go there after your work. Some gambling establishments can allow clothes from corporate jobs, but others may be stricter in working clothes. Moreover, casinos do not usually permit working clothes such as tracksuits, overalls, dungarees, and chef whites.

For white suit attire, this is the most formal category in terms of dress codes in casinos. You should adhere to the dress etiquette by wearing a black coat or a white vest partnered with matching trousers. You can adorn it with a white or black bow tie, stiff wing collars, cufflinks, gloves, and leather shoes.

For color, it is best to stick with neutral colors. It is also important to limit yourself to a few pieces of jewelry like a good watch. If you like wearing sunglasses when playing poker, you may do so since it’s allowed in most casinos, and it is easy to take off if needed.

Casino Dress Code For Ladies

For ladies, they have more options than men since they can play with various tops and bottoms such as trousers, jeans, and skirts. Women can also try to mix and match various clothing depending on the casino’s dress code.

If the casino allows smart casual wear, ladies can pair their jeans with a crisp polo top or blouse and a wedge for that comfortable but casual look. It is also good to use jewelry to a minimum and wear key pieces to upgrade your overall look.

For formal dress codes, check the casino if they have a specific rule for the length of dresses. Some may only allow long evening gowns, and others may permit cocktail dresses. Ensure that you check these things before choosing your final attire for the casino.

For bags, it is recommended to stick with a small handbag or clutch bags so that you can freely roam around without carrying a big or heavy load. Choose something sufficient to carry some money, lipstick, and maybe some receipts or vouchers.

Ladies should also remember to dress appropriately and avoid wearing skimpy clothing. Although you can experiment with your clothes, ensure that you are wearing something respectable, elegant, and clean.

You can also skip the heels if you’re more comfortable wearing flats. There are also many shoes and sandals for ladies, so choose something comfortable but chic at the same time.

Don’t Be Extravagant

Although you may want to dress to impress, it’s still important that you don’t wear too extravagant clothing for your safety. This is especially true if it’s your first time going there to avoid any possible risks.

For ladies, ensure that you don’t wear too much jewelry. Most casinos might offer alcoholic drinks, especially at night. However, it would be best to drink only a few glasses and not get drunk in such an environment. With so much money concentrated in a singular spot, any drunk gambler can quickly become a target.

It would also be good if you have someone to take you home or ask one of your friends to go with you. If you are checked into a hotel, don’t hesitate to ask the hotel’s concierge to assist you when going or returning from the casino.

Choosing the appropriate dress for the casino might be a little tricky for first-timers, but you will be successful in selecting the best dress for you with a bit of research.

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