3 Financial Habits That Are Preventing Your Success

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Many of us have unknowingly developed bad habits when it comes to handling our finances. A select lucky few have developed good habits and have been able to see the benefits of that within their own financial lives. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to be a wiz at handling money to find success, but you do need to learn how to do it the right way and a great way to start is to first unlearn the 3 Financial Habits That Are Preventing Your Success. In this article we’ll talk about these common habits that people have and how to break them!

Spending Your Money on Convenience

This is a terribly common habit that people have, and one of the worst. You end up paying way more money for things out of convenience. For example, you could buy screen-wash for your car at a department, hardware, or automobile store and pay relatively little for it. But, out of convenience you may choose to buy it at a grocery store, gas station, or convenience store and end up paying double. You can easily make different decisions and put money into savings instead of spending it all.

Not Keeping Good Records

This will make it difficult for you to find success. You must keep track of your income and expenses in an organized way, otherwise you may be spending more than you make or making poor financial decisions because you are not aware of what your income-to-expense ratio is. Saving money is important to ensure success in the future, that way you have funds in the case of an emergency and won’t find yourself in an impossible situation. An easy way to start keeping track is to keep a notebook or download a budgeting app. Find a system that works best for you and start keeping records!

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Not Making or Sticking to a Budget

People often do not have a budget, but even when they do they have trouble sticking to it. When you do not have or do not stick to a budget you will find it difficult to save money, and in the long run have issues with your finances across the board. Creating a budget in your personal life will also help you when it comes to the financial aspect of your business.

Travel Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you may find yourself trying to run your business online, and you may find that your career may come to a halt after some time. You can have a successful business online, but there are limitations to the success you can find that way. Many entrepreneurs that have online businesses are also keen on travelling but working remotely and trying to expand your business can have its financial troubles. This just means that you’ll need to make your money stretch further when travelling!

Financial Habits That Are Preventing Your Success

1. Use Travel Sites: There are so many travel sites out there that are designed to compare hundreds of deals, so you get the best price. You can save on airfares, hotels, different pre-made trips, experiences, the list goes on and on!

2. Make the Most of Your Connections: If you have friends or family that live where you’d like to travel, make plans to stay with them! You can also travel with friends or family to make everything cheaper for the whole trip, you can all contribute to the stays, restaurants, and experiences!

3. Have Other Ways to Make Money: When travelling a lot, it can be so helpful to have other ways to make money. This could be creating passive income streams such as selling e-books, podcasts, or videos before you leave, or renting out your home to tenants while you’re gone. You can also make use of any skills or certifications you have while travelling.

Choosing The Right Self-Help Books For Your Success

Do you know what one thing is that nearly all of the successful people in the world share in common? They read books. Almost every single person that has become a millionaire, started a successful tech company or achieved some other level of financial success learned from self-help books. There must be something to the practice of reading them if they have been responsible for so many success stories. So, how do you choose self-help books that are going to give you the tools that you need to become successful? In this article, we’ll cover some strategies that will help you choose the best ones.

  1. Research the person that wrote the self-help book. One of the things that you’ll realize when you get into the self-help world is that there is no requirement that someone know what they are talking about to write a self-help book. Make sure that the person that you are taking advice from has actually achieved some success in the field that you are considering.
  1. Keep things as simple as you can. You don’t need to read a hundred self-help books and formulate a plan that incorporates all of the advice that is given in them. Find something that works for you and then use it to reach your goals. The simpler a plan to achieve success is, the more chance of it working.
  1. Don’t be a leaf blowing in the wind. In other words, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the current book that you are reading so much that you abandon whatever it is that you were currently doing to achieve success and start a brand new journey. Wait until you are sure that your current method isn’t going to work before you move on to a new one.
  1. Get recommendations from others. People are always happy to give you a recommendation on which books they think you should read. If you can’t talk to someone you admire face-to-face, look for an interview or another resource that gives a list of the books that they have read or recommend.

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