Gen Z makes `old school style` trendy

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When we look back at pictures of our parents and even our grandparents, we can’t help but notice the fashion.

From the flares to the pinstripes, the platform shoes, to the bright neon makeup. Some generations had it going on.

Different fashion items can see waves of popularity throughout their lifetime; that’s why fashion designers from all over the world don’t forget the past but rather learn from it. They pick up on the creative styles and enhance them further, bringing fashion up to date and in line with the now.

Styles are enhanced, as fashion designers breathe a fresh lease of life into old styles.

Where are we heading with this?

To the recent fashion style of the younger generation of men, dressing, well, like your Grandad, but we’ll say old school as it sounds trendier.

What is the Grandad look?

It all starts with a flat cap (we bet you can’t help but think Peaky Blinders when we say that?!)

Which then swiftly moves on to tank tops and cardigans.

Ultimately, a fashion style that offers a tailored look that is sharp and sophisticated – and all very on-trend for the Gen Z male.

Leading the way on the catwalks (before the pandemic struck), we saw models in mules rather than trainers, in incredibly stylish houndstooth coats and smart tailored double-breasted blazers, rather than parkers and puffer jackets!

These displays of sophistication, projecting fashion for the younger generation male were brought to the forefront in the shows of Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dior Men’s collection, where the sets of these shows brought back an air of nostalgia, making audiences smile and sit up and pay attention as it is a style that captures the imagination.

A style that we have all seen before yet now with a slight upgraded twist.

Fresh new designer Grace Wales Bonner has also launched her Lovers Rock collection, which has been influenced by the older generation and features an array of flat caps, roll necks, and fleece jackets.

While menswear designer, Priya Ahluwalia, has led in this grandfather style trend, with what was a very powerful fashion show, highlighting patterns and designs which again all took inspiration from the older generations.

These fashion items are being styled in such a way using everything you would expect to see and more. For example, jeans with collar shirts combined with cardigans, tank tops (a big hit), and even footwear have not been forgotten, with loafers being a big fashion item of choice.

What do you think about this fashion style? Is ‘old-school style’ for you?

Why do you think this style is trendy for Gen Z? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or send it here: co*****@fa**********.com

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