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Growing in popularity throughout 2018 are the male grooming rituals and routines we now see in order to achieve the “perfect look”.

The demand from the styling and beauty industry has made sure that everyone now wants part of the action, whether visiting a traditional barber shop or purchasing the tools needed for a DIY job!

The growing popularity of male grooming

These rituals and routines have grown in popularity and have been made more public over the past few years primarily due to the number of reality shows now airing. Showing what many of us have known for years; many men take just as much pride and effort in their appearance as women. Shows such as Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea have highlighted traditional barbering techniques and made it not just popular but accepted that this is part of an everyday beauty routine.

Secondly, the trend to revert to a traditional barber has also increased due to the number of celebrities now sporting more defined hairstyles, grooming rituals and beauty regimes.

For example, a man that never fails to keep up and set the latest trends is David Beckham. Posting Instagram snaps at some of his favourite barbers, showing the traditional tools and blades used for that real fine and smooth cut – all help to raise the profile and set a clear trend.

There’s also the trend of the beard; big with men at the moment, from Justin Timberlake to Tom Hardy all sporting a new look, which includes a very carefully shaved and styled beard. And of course, the best way to make sure you can achieve this perfect look? Traditional barbering.

Traditional barbering is also seen to raise tribute to tradition. Fashion develops and evolves through tradition and learning over the years. It can focus on elements being taking, amended and suited to the trends and styles we then come to see today.

Fashion Rider and “The Personal Barber”

A company who are not only members of Fashion Rider, but who are also delivering on the industry trend and setting high standards when it comes to traditional barbering is, The Personal Barber.

Through their subscription service the team at The Personal Barber showcase the benefits of a real shave using a single blade, high quality creams and brushes, as well as provide on trend products and information regarding latest styles and techniques.

Those who are looking to go back to a style created by traditional barbers should look no further than The Personal Barber, for the perfect products and information related to the times.

Run as a subscription every 6 weeks, members who sign up receive a traditional barbering box; thoughtfully designed to get one back into enjoying the shaving routine, by introducing you to the lost art of the traditional razor.

Traditional barbers believe, and have shown, that using a single blade can achieve a closer, more comfortable shave free from irritation such as razor burn or rash.

And The Personal Barber subscription box contains all the kit you need to achieve this perfect shave. For example: –

  • Your first kit comes with their signature double-edge safety razor and classic shaving brush as free extras
  • Each kit after this is completely different, featuring independent and big-name brands, all with products to upgrade your male grooming game
  • The boxes come every six weeks and include free delivery to the UK
  • The subscription is flexible; you can skip a box or cancel at any time from your account page.

Traditional barbering is coming back with a bang and supporting The Personal Barber as well as the male grooming industry, Fashion Rider is pleased to announce a great offer just for you.

Using the unique discount code: FASHIONRIDER15, you will automatically receive 15% off your first box within their shaving subscription (which also includes a free razor and brush worth over £25).

This is a great opportunity to make the lost art of shaving exciting again. Subscribe today and take advantage of the 15% discount and find out more about The Personal Barber and the news they love to share!

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