How to improve your Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is how we perceive or evaluate our worth and the ultimate belief we place in ourselves. People with high self-esteem tend to be more comfortable with their true selves and demonstrate much more integrity. When we have high self-esteem, we respect our true selves.

On the other hand, people with low self-esteem will often stop themselves from doing something or expressing who they are because they fear that they will not be accepted and loved for who they are. Our fear of being judged often leads us to behave in a way that is not aligned with what our heart wants because we want to feel accepted and loved by others.

To overcome this fear, you must slowly let go of the need for approval from others. You can do so by accepting yourself first, and then you can express who you are without feeling like others will judge you.

How to improve your Self-Esteem

Let’s evaluate your level of self-esteem; check all that applies to you:

  • I am comfortable and happy to be myself
  • I recognize my qualities and skills
  • I have a lot of respect for who I am
  • I can be as valuable as any other person
  • I enjoy being myself, as opposed to a persona to please others
  • Failure is not something I see in myself; Instead, I see failures as opportunities for growth
  • I feel that I am worthwhile
  • I can look at myself in the mirror and feel comfortable and loving toward myself.
  • I don’t expect everyone to like me, and that is OK. I don’t feel the need to change for them
  • I’m always open for growth and yet, love and accept myself as I am
  • I can be my biggest fan

The more answers you’ve checked, the higher your self-esteem. To develop your self-esteem, you can work on the following.

Appreciate Yourself

Appreciating yourself means you are OK with your identity and enjoy being by yourself. Have the goal of becoming your best friend. Take some time to hang out with yourself occasionally. It will help you build a level of comfort in being by yourself. Add some self-care during those moments; it will help you increase self-respect. Be Proud of Your Accomplishments We’ve all accomplished something in our life.

It could be as simple as completing your elementary school or getting that job you applied for. Whatever it is, take the time to list the things you’ve accomplished in your life, even if it is as simple as making your bed! Recognize Your Skills Every one of us is good at something. If it’s hard for you to identify those skills, ask someone around you to help list a few abilities that you have. It can be hard skills like carpentry, drawing, or cooking. It could also be a soft skill like listening, compassion, or empathy.

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Learn to Love Your Body

Learning to love our bodies is probably one of the most significant accomplishments we can make. Some studies show that 40% of men and over 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies.

That is almost unreal! Loving your body is about self-talk but also about self-respect. Be your best friend and treat your body like your child or best friend. Be kind, compassionate, and supportive. Compassion toward ourselves will often lead to better self-esteem and higher self-confidence.

One can only hope the person you love will make you the best version of yourself.” Mia Maestro

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