2 Tips to Knock Down Your Barriers

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Facing barriers and challenges in life is completely normal. It’s also normal to wish them away. You may not be able to magically make them disappear, but you can follow these two tips to help you knock them down!

Be Self-Aware

Having self-awareness means that you are able to look at yourself and your actions without judgement. You can learn to recognize when you are experiencing a certain reaction, feeling, or state of being. You can begin to understand yourself more when you are self-aware. Being self-aware also allows you to get a better idea of who you are and how you react to the situations you’re presented with.

– Be better at recognizing your emotions

– Improve your critical thinking skills and your relationships

– Live in the moment and not fear the future or dwell on the past

– Experience more joy and happiness in your life

Build up your self-esteem

How we see our own value and status is known as self-esteem. When you have high self-esteem, you tend to be more successful because you don’t have superficial self-barriers standing in your way. But when you have low self-esteem, you are more likely to stop yourself from finding success because of those barriers. A way to increase your self-esteem is to improve the relationship you have with yourself. Think about being your own best friend, how does that change how you see yourself? Take time to just exist in a space that is all your own. You will learn to be more comfortable with yourself and ultimately improve your self-esteem.

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3 Beliefs to Eliminate If You Want to Achieve Success

We are out own worst critics. We each judge ourselves too harshly, and that can lead to damaging how we view ourselves. Three habits or beliefs that you may hold can be what is preventing you from finding success. We’re going to give you tips to control and eliminate those beliefs.

Knock Down Your Barriers

Self-awareness can also help you:

1. Believing you aren’t capable: This is one of the most common beliefs that almost everyone has. We don’t have confidence in our abilities, as a result, we don’t even try. If someone is constantly told by others, or even what they tell themselves, they may doubt their ability to do something and never even attempt it.

2. That all the “good” ideas have already been made/used: This is simply not true. It may seem that way sometimes when you find yourself struggling to think of something, but believing that every single good idea has been thought of before is simply a way to let yourself out of whatever it is you’re doing. If you think this way, you aren’t allowing yourself to be open to new inspirations. If you continue to think

this way you will convince yourself that you’ll never come up with anything new or exciting.

3. That you aren’t determined enough: You must stop believing that you are not determined or willing enough to achieve success. To stop thinking this about yourself you simply must believe that you are determined enough. You control your actions, if you believe that you are determined enough then you will be, but if you don’t believe you are then you won’t be.

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