How Getting a Massage Can Help Relieve Stress

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Most people enjoy getting a massage, but are you aware of all the different health benefits involved with this treatment? Today, stress has become a regular part of most of our lives, whether it’s stress related to work, family and friends, home life, or even social media. The daily stressors that we face can quickly add up, but the good news is that getting a massage can help you to destress and feel more relaxed both mentally and physically.

How Stress Impacts Your Health and Wellbeing

Everybody on the planet has experienced a stressful situation at least once in their lives. But frequently feeling stressed out or finding it difficult to manage your stress levels can impact your health and wellbeing in many different ways. Research has found that prolonged high levels of stress will increase your risk of experiencing sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, restlessness, lack of focus, irritability, and more. 

How Massage Therapy Can Reduce Stress

A regular massage treatment can do wonders for reducing your stress levels. Massage is designed to relax your mind, body, and muscles, which directly combats stress, since stress is simply the absence of relaxation. During a massage session, the professional touch and physical contact will help to loosen your muscles and take your mind to a more relaxed place. Being in this super-relaxed, content state can make it easier for you to forget about the things in your life that are currently troubling you. And when you do need to face those stressors again, you’ll be in a better mental space to face them. If you’re looking to book in for a massage, visit

Massage and Your Hormones

Massages can provide relief from stress and boost feelings of happiness and contentment due to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is released during a massage session. In addition, your body will release more serotonin, a ‘pleasure’ hormone that leads to more feelings of happiness and can make it easier to deal with stress. 

Releasing Body Tension

While most of us will consider stress to be something that happens in the mind, there is no denying that stress can also have a huge impact on your body. When you are stressed and anxious, you might notice that you experience more back, neck and shoulder pain as your muscles are tense and clenched from all the worrying. During a massage, your body will begin to loosen up as your muscles relax under the expert touch. Since your body and brain are connected intricately, this sends a message to your brain to relax as well, helping to relieve stress and promote feelings of calmness. 

Other Health Benefits of Massage

Aside from relieving stress, getting a massage can help your health and wellbeing in many other ways. Massage will promote healing, relieve pain, improve blood circulation, boost healthy digestion and even strengthen your immune system, all of which will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and better able to tackle the daily stressors in your life. 

Whatever is stressing you out right now, getting a massage can be one of the best ways to feel calmer and more relaxed. 

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