Meet The Wearness: Sustainable Fashion for People Who Care

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The fashion industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Everyone needs something to wear and each person has their different taste in fashion. That is why designers and fashion manufacturers constantly create new trends and offer more variety on products. Many times, these trends only focus on quantity rather than quality. This leads to unending orders and overproduction, which result in tons of items being disposed of every year, and this is what we call with fast fashion. 

People associate “fast fashion” as being cheap, not durable, and harmful to the planet because of its irresponsible production process. However, we also can’t forget that fast fashion is popular because it only takes a few months for “in” styles to come in and out of style which makes it easy for consumers to shop. Though the cycle is frustrating, it has become almost impossible to escape.

the wearness clothes avoid these wastages

To deal with these factors fashion businesses and designers have become more and more aware of their ecological and social responsibility. The idea of what fast fashion is has shifted to clothing that wears well and is made from sustainable fabrics.

In an interview with Vogue, Stella McCartney says, “My customer wants to buy less but has it last longer.” This shows that consumers want their clothes to be made extremely well so they can wear them for a long time. These changes are an improvement to the movement of fast fashion because it shows that people want clothes that they don’t have to replace every few months, clothes that will last longer and put more time and energy into it.

That’s where The Wearness comes in. This German-based environmentally friendly online marketplace sells a variety of sustainable apparel to people who care about the impact their purchases have on the environment. All of their clothing is made from organic materials and recycled fabrics, so you can sleep well knowing that they are both socially responsible and ecologically beneficial.

The inspiration to start The Wearness came from a desire to show that sustainable apparel may be as fashionable as any other. The Wearness founder Julia Zirpel says that they started The Wearness to demonstrate that sustainability need not hamper the appearance or a fashion design and that it might even be the most beautiful thing with more sustainable manufacturing.

The Wearness is also dedicated to promoting female empowerment as one of its fundamental values. The Wearness recognizes that the fashion business is majorly dominated by female workers, therefore it aims to empower women by paying them a fair wage, providing a safe and encouraging atmosphere for employees, and providing a good working environment for all.

The Wearness is the perfect platform for conscious consumers who want to shop sustainably while keeping their standards high when it comes to quality clothes that are also fashionable. Catch their limited collection pieces at their online store and show the world that sustainability is possible while staying stylish!

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