3 reasons why your business needs an online presence

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Since “the internet” took the world by storm more than two decades ago, it was almost a complete game-changer and especially changed the way businesses found their target audience. And, with everyone walking around with ‘mobile internet devices, it’s so easy for businesses and their audiences to stay connected 24/7. 

Unfortunately, despite all the advances the internet has led to, nearly 50% of small businesses still lack a prominent online presence. But why do you need such a strong digital presence for a business, to begin with? 

Here are some key benefits of online presence for business:

Potential customers can find you very easily

Customers today expect businesses to be online, period. Ask yourself: what’s the first thing you do when you learn of a new product or service? Your curiosity is aroused and you want to know how it can improve the quality of your life, right? Boom – you pick up your smartphone and pop on the internet!

So, 9 times out of 10, the first place people are going to look you up is online. If you have a strong digital presence for a business, people will require little effort to find you, and in today’s landscape, that is a major competitive advantage. 

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A proper website can offer superb marketing ROI

You can always attempt to design and host your business website yourself but if you use a web page builder along with the expertise of perhaps a professional photographer or videographer, then you bet your business is going to be front row and centre online! Many small businesses and even large enterprises invest in a good web page builder (please link with the appropriate service you’re offering) to build a fully functional website that appears in the top 10 search results pages on Google, as long as you do your SEO right. 

That’s incredible marketing ROI if you think about it. So, simply by investing in a professional web page builder (link with your service) and you’ll quickly start to see the benefits of an online presence for the business

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Building your brand becomes so much easier

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of online presence for a business is that you can build trust in your company relatively easily compared to other traditional forms of marketing. The more people interact with your brand online, the better you’ll be able to build it over time. 

These days, consumers are expecting to interact with the business they love almost constantly – be it your website, social media channels, email, online chat, etc. Consumers have come to expect this level of connectivity and interaction, and this presents an excellent opportunity to build a digital presence for business by promoting your brand via social media especially, but also the other online channels as well. We’ve barely scratched the surface here when it comes to the benefits of online presence for the business. Establishing a prominent digital presence for the business or using the right web page builder, for instance, is just one aspect. There’s so much more to it, really. Get in touch with us to learn more now.

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