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Business success today is not necessarily linked to long workdays, high stress, and little time off. Self-care, looking after your mind, and more spiritual practices such as yoga, breathwork and meditation is gaining more popularity for building your motivation and boosting your creativity.

Did you know that learning how to use and integrate breathwork practices into our daily routines can help to dramatically improve the state of our physical, mental and emotional health?

The world around is busy. We are constantly switched on; whether this is emails, text messages, paperwork, conference calls, zoom calls, and more, we continuously feel ‘on-call.’

I will know how important it is to slow down sometimes and step away from this constant being ‘on-call. Therefore, Fashion Rider has created a dedicated page to ‘Recharge’ and make sure your mind and your creativity are getting the support they need to produce great work and succeed. Providing you with expert tips, advice, and techniques that allow you to take a break and recharge. 

Take a step back and escape the stresses of modern-day life to support yourself, your business and boost your creativity.

Fashion Rider is proud to have teamed up with Antoinette McDonnell from Zen Yoga to provide you with short yoga videos, breath-work, mindfulness tips, short meditations, and so much more.

We strongly believe that when we feel refreshed and relaxed, we are much more able to organise our thoughts, think more creatively, and make more focused decisions – all supporting a successfully run business.

Find your balance. Boost your confidence. And create a happy, healthy, successful you today.

The importance of self-care

It is so pleasing to see more and more research taking place surrounding the area of self-care and the positive benefits it can offer people not only personally but professionally, especially with many pieces of research now highlighting that good self-care can lead to long-term business success. 

Where investing in your well-being now could help to take your business to new heights in the future.


Because running a business takes grit, resilience, and hard work to succeed. However, working long hours and running on little sleep is not the way forward, as we find this only leads to productivity losses and even workplace accidents.

This then takes us on to work-related stress.  Where an absence from work due to stress and feeling over-worked costs businesses and people millions every year.   It can also affect our cognitive function, where too much stress can slow down our accuracy and response times more, making us less effective and less able to make the right business decisions.

What can we do?

Look at self-care as a form of investment. You are investing in yourself and the well-being of your business.

We have all heard the saying healthy body, healthy mind, and it is true!

The productivity benefits of taking just 5 to 10 minutes out of your working day can be incredible.

Head over to our Recharge page for the best examples and follow our main top tips:

  • Make sure to take breaks, even ten minutes away from your desk can clear your mind and increase your creativity. 
  • Get moving. Regular exercise is a powerful way to manage stress. Just 10 minutes yoga/stretching, can help you relax, refocus, and realign.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques that allow you to be more present with people and work.
  • Turn off your phone and any other potential distractions.   
  • Embrace your mistakes. Practice makes perfect, and you will not always get it right the first time around. Take a step back, breathe, and try again.
  • Breath work. Breath-work has the power to completely alter your state of mind and body.  It is the only system in our body that is both automatic and, completely under our control!  

There are great, short videos and tips to support all the above on our new Recharge page. So, head over there now and give yourself the gift of a yoga stretch or some breathing work and start to see the benefits of increased motivation and creativity. 

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