Three pieces of jewellery that are more than just pretty

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Accessories like jewellery are an important piece of any outfit. A necklace can make a little black dress look even more glamourous. A pair of earrings can help add a bit of fun and colour to even the dullest of outfits. Jewellery can also do so much more. It can help you during your day to day life and help raise money for vital causes. Here are three pieces of jewellery that can do more than just complete an outfit:

Religious pieces

For many, jewellery serves as a daily reminder of their religious beliefs. For example, a crucifix on a chain is a common sight around the neck of people who are part of the Christian church. For them, it symbolises the sacrifice that Jesus made when he was sentenced to death by crucifixion, which many see as part of a divine plan to save humanity.

Some religious pieces serve more of a purpose than just displaying their religious beliefs. Some pieces can also be used to aid meditation and prayer. For example, people from the Catholic church often use rosary beads to help focus their minds when praying. Beads are also used in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths to assist with prayers and meditation. Mala bracelets are regularly used by these faiths, and increasingly used by those who practice yoga. The 108 beads that make up a Mala are held in the right hand whilst the holder repeats a mantra and turns each bead one after another. Each set of beads is made from a precious material. For example, those produced by are made from authentic Rudraksha seeds from Nepal in the Himalayas. They are so hard to acquire that their store is the only place in Australia that you can purchase these from.

Charity ribbons

Charity ribbons are a way of showing that you support a cause whilst donating vital funds at the same time. Over the decade these ribbons, most commonly worn like a brooch, have increased massively in popularity. The simplicity of their design, a ribbon folded over to create a loop, means they go well with any outfit. They are also extremely easy and cheap to manufacture, so charities can sell them knowing almost all the money will be donated to their good cause. Many different charities have adopted different colours to represent their cause. For example, red often symbolises supporting an HIV charity whilst purple ribbons are often handed to those who support cancer charities.


For some people, the most important thing when purchasing jewellery is assuring those who made the piece get a fair cut of the profits. Some of the mass-produced jewellery produced by big, affordable brands are made in factories where workers are treated poorly and get a very small wage for a long day at work. When purchasing a Fairtrade piece, you can be sure that it was made in a safe environment by people getting a fair wage. Whilst these pieces can often cost more, it’s worth it to know that you are helping others.

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