Top 10 tips for a successful and cost effective event

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There are many aspects to providing a successful and cost effective event. It is important that each element of your event are carefully planned and coordinated in order to both fulfil your own goals and also stimulate and motivate your delegate or guest. Often many seemingly basic and rudimentary consideration are overlooked which results in both a disappointing result that not only wastes your investment but could also have a negative impression on your organisation. In order to improve your chances of delivering a successful event, we recommend that firstly consider the following top ten tips.

1- Indentify and determine your overall goals and reason for the event and set a budget.

2- Plan a suitable date, avoid the holiday period and consider when your potential guests are available to attend.

3- Find a Venue, consider your preferred attendees demographic, accessibility, space, amenities, transport, space and flexibility.

4- Consider a theme that can run throughout the event, production and communications and invitations.

5- Hire and commission a Production Company or consider a Professional Event Management Company who will have preferential relationships and preferred rates. Consider Staging, Lighting and, set Design plus any additional Event Management and Registration staff etc.

6- Consider your catering and work with your Event Management Company or direct with caters in order to devise a bespoke Food and Beverage theme

7- Introduce a professional MC or Presenter skilled in ensuring that your event runs to time and in a swift and engaging manner.

8- If budgets allow add a Celebrity Appearance or Speaker who will both add gravity to your event but also increase awareness and media interest.

9- Add additional entertainment or music which will further add to the overall ambience and mood enhancement that you wish to portray.

10- Shout about it and gain optimum PR and Press exposure. Invite journalists, share by social Media and follow up and communicate with your guests post event.

Urban Fabric Events are a Manchester based Agency working across a wide portfolio of client services. We operate within the Event Management, Product Launch, Incentives and Rewards, Exhibition and Hospitality markets. Consider us a One Stop Shop for Venues, Theming, Production, Entertainments, Catering, Communications and Event Management. We always strive to provide a highly Professional and polished delivery service but never forgetting the human touch. Urban Fabric Events work with many diverse organisations from Multi Nationals, SME’s and Bespoke Businesses. Our main focus is to meet new people, provide great service, develop mutually beneficial relationships and primarily enjoy doing business and what we do.

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