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Fashion PR and event management are classed as the glamorous end of the fashion business. Champagne-fuelled parties, product launches, journalist meetings are all part of the day-to-day work. But alongside the glamour comes the graft and in the competitive world of fashion it’s often the case that it takes plenty of hard work and knock backs before journalists put you on speed dial.

Geraldine Vesey, Director SKV Communications in Manchester, here gives top five tips to ensure your fashion brand or client comes to the attention of the influential journalists and bloggers.

1. Research the writers

Find out all you can about the journalists you want to impress. Subscribe to all the fashion blogs and start to comment on things that strike you – maybe you love a certain look a blogger is wearing one day –if so, let them know it. Maybe you’ve got an idea for a “Steal her style” slot – why not contact the blogger or journalist and make a suggestion? Get your name known so that when you have something you want to sell in to them, they will take your call or respond to your email.

2. Provide them with information in the format they require.

A journalist on a newspaper may want a one page press release with a quote from a fashion buyer or designer along with a 300dpi colour image. Some journalists do not like large attachments so maybe want a lo-res image in the first instance, a blogger might simply want an image and some copy that is less formal in its layout and tone. The best thing to do is ask them and send them what they want – right first time.

3. Know the deadlines.

Monthly magazines work on cycles and you will need to be familiar with deadlines. Get in early with your thoughts and suggestions for their fashion pages. There is huge competition for fashion space so alerting the journalist to your great ideas and products in plenty of time will mean you are on their radar. Always ensure you have detail about pricing and availability when you call. Bloggers can turn information around immediately if they like it. PR can be a balancing act on timing – if a journalist sees a blogger has already ran with a product or story they may decide that it’s no longer news to them. Plan your strategy to get maximum uptake of your stories by working out your target media’s deadlines.

4. Be fashion forward and know your trends.

Journalists want to know what the next big thing is and they like to be able to offer their own take on it. Whether its monochrome or florals, sports luxe or grunge, make sure you have samples, photography and descriptions of the pieces you offer that fit into the trends they are reviewing. Ask to be put on their call out lists so that you have the opportunity to put forward your recommendations.

5. When you achieve coverage make sure you Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram it to generate maximum exposure.

For more information about fashion PR contact Geraldine Vesey at Ge*************@sk***************.uk or 0161 838 7770

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