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When it comes to figuring out which textile printer to use, it can be a lengthy and tricky process. However, it is a much needed attribute when producing a designer’s work. When it comes to quality and quantity, you want to be able to identify the best textile printers you can find and be able to inject their professionalism into your designs. Fashion Rider is here to help, and we have spoken to the team at to get some more information about choosing the right textile printer for you:

What should be the priority, Service, quality or cost?

All of the 3, in this specific order. Good service will help to achieve the best final result, with good quality and the best price for it. Printers are partners to your project, and building a relationship with them can be of benefit for both sides. If the idea is selling, quality matters. Setting up the final t-shirt prices under a possible scenario of profit means more than just considering the costs of it. Of course priorities vary for promotional t-shirt printing actions and for fashion designers, as they look for different things when creating their prints but it is possible to find great cost-effective deals when getting quotes. It´s good to trust the company doing your prints and be reassured of what you´re buying, especially if you´re requesting quotes from multiple agencies. You’ve got to be sure you´re comparing prices for the same quality of end result between companies; more often than not, quotes are based on different techniques and you end up paying less but as a result, get a lower quality print. So the right price with the right advice/consultation and transparency is the best way to avoid frustration with your printing project (and that´s what we offer at Printsome: the best printing consultation you can find on the market).

Are there different techniques to consider?

Yes, there are many techniques and each one applies to a specific scenario. It starts with the one that is most suitable to reproduce the desired design. If you want to print photos or complex images you will most likely need to use Direct to Garment Printing or Transfer Printing but keep in mind there are other methods that are more complicated and hence more costly. For designs made with solid colours, screen printing is the best option. It´s the most long-lasting technique and most cost effective on mid to hight volumes due to it’s setup costs (one screen per colour on the design, plus a base layer if printing onto coloured garments). Solid colours can also be made with cad cut vinyl. Basically prices will vary greatly between quantities and techniques. It should also be said that a DTG print does not last as long as other techniques but produces a vintage looking type of tee after multiple washes.

What’s the best advice you can give a designer looking to start a project?

The best advice we can give is to always look for advice and consultation when planning a printing project. Looking for a mid/long-term relationship with your printer is always going to be of benefit, since they are the ones with the knowledge of how to produce the final product.

One final note:

Whether you are choosing a new accountant or web designer to work with, Fashion Rider always recommends you do your research and consider all your options.

If you’re still unsure, don’t forget Fashion Rider is here to help. Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact and let us take the stress out of it for you. Also if there are any different areas we can help in just let us know.

What is your experience of finding a textile printer?


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