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Becoming a successful freelancer can take time, perseverance, confidence, and determination.  It can also be overwhelming. Stepping out on your own, pursuing what you love, and taking the leap into a world of unknown.

freelance tips

But it doesn’t have to be terrifying. 

Remember you’re doing what you love, you’re making it your own, and you have a community no matter what industry you step into that is there to offer an abundance of support.

Freelancing can be summed up as trying to build your brand, juggle multiple clients, stay on top of the paperwork, and stay fresh and competitive in an ever-growing market.

To help you navigate through, we’ve provided some quick, simple, and handy top freelance tips to boost your experience and income.

Quick Response

Respond as soon as you can to clients. Ideally, we’d recommend within the hour! Having a quick response time can help you a lot, especially as most employers make their selection in less than 30 minutes of making their request!

Over Deliver 

For consistency and positive word of mouth from your customers (which, of course, is the best form of promotion), you should always deliver your best and highest quality work on every job.  

Put off Notifications

Remove any distractions while you’re working. Avoid getting sucked into things like social media or replying to non-important emails asap by stopping all notifications.

Keep to Routines

Maintaining routines keeps you focused, disciplined and ensures you achieve your daily goals without feeling stressed. It also helps with point 1, ensuring you respond to your messages as soon as possible.

Perfect your onboarding process 

Bringing a new client on board is exciting and a big confidence boost, but don’t forget to follow a robust procedure that you have perfected over time. Think about the process you follow once the client has agreed to your proposal. Do you have standard contracts in place?  What information do you need/want from your client to help you consistently deliver high-quality work (remember point 2)?

Keep your paperwork up to date

Not always the most exciting part of freelancing, but something that is a MUST. Keeping on top of paperwork will make your life much easier in both the short and long term. Keep it safe and secure and in some systematic order that works for you!

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Choose your clients carefully 

Remember your target audience. Who is your ideal customer? Working within the sectors and areas you’re confident will help make your freelance journey a much smoother ride!

Network, network, network!  

We can’t emphasise the importance of networking. 

Meeting with people within the same sector, freelancers like yourself who you can learn from, bounce ideas off, and in some instances collaborate with. Networking is a great opportunity to boost your profile and work opportunities.

As part of the creative community, Fashion Rider members often come together online to share experiences, best practices, and insight.  

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