What can a studio really offer?

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When it comes to writing a song, there’s a lot to get right. And once you perfect it, you wouldn’t want it not sounding quite how you thought it would. This is where finding a good studio comes in. You need someone who you can trust, and have an understanding with. It’s vital to find a good studio with an excellent sound engineer. There’s a lot to take into consideration when picking a studio, such as; what can each individual studio offer? How much should I be paying? And are there any corners I can cut to save the time, money and effort? We’ve spoken to Tim Gray from BigTone Recordings for some valuable advice on the matter.

What can a studio offer?

A recording studio can offer a band or artist a range of services. Starting with basic recording and mixing and sometimes production and other things like mastering. At BigTone studios we offer all of these things, as well as free use of studio instruments. As a lifelong musician myself I pride myself on being able to get fully into the music I’m producing and really build a picture of how the music should sound like on record. We work together to reach that aim. As well as all the standard roles that a sound engineer /producer finds himself doing (microphone placement, using the right microphones and preamps, EQ, compression etc….) I usually find myself becoming intensely involved in the performance of the band/artist as well. I can quickly do things like: Setup guitar intonation, tune drums, get the right tone for each part etc… Whilst being aware of the performers , their abilities and their weaknesses. Often a few suggestions here and there and reflecting on my own impression of the song, can give the whole group the mental spark they need to really take the sound of things up a notch.

How important is it to get your recordings done to a high standard?

The bigger the better in my opinion. A great recording will help get you gigs, noticed by labels, and have a much longer shelf life than something done quickly and cheaply, without much real attention spent on it.

One final note:

Whether you are choosing a new accountant or web designer to work with Fashion Rider always recommends you do your research and consider all your options.

If you’re still unsure don’t forget Fashion Rider is here to help. Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact and let us take the stress out of it for you. Also if there are any different areas we can help in just let us know.

What is your experience of recording?


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