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What is Success? How do you measure success? Dictionary reference measured success as attainment of one’s goal or attainment of wealth. The attainment of higher social status etc.

If this was true, how come we have millionaires from our every walk of life being caught for drugs and alcohol abuse, or famous people we know who are not happy with their lives or people those are making millions but they are working so hard that they barely have time to spend with their family or really creating something they are passionate about. People who are making millions but they are miserable with their lives, their jobs and frustrated with their daily activities. Because of all these stories, people make up their own ideas and concept on success which are totally wrong. You may have heard of people say “People who are successful are those who had done wrong or don’t try and be rich because it’s not good or success or wealth is inherited.” These sayings are insane. They are nothing but the ideas that is holding you back.

So what is really success. To me SUCCESS is “freedom of doing, performing and creating the life you desire without any worries for social status or financial status.” Meaning let’s not worry how big your corner office is or what car you drive to get to work etc.

Let me break this down further by telling you a story….

There was an old man named John who lived in a small town by the river bank . The river that separate this small town from one of the major cities. You can actually see this city from across the river. John likes fishing you see. So he fish everyday by the river whilst overlooking the city. There also live in this small town was a young man named Chris, who is an MBA graduate, savy in business ideas and works in the city for one of the major corporate firm.

Chris catches a ferry to go to work in the city every morning. And every morning he walk pass John who is fishing by the river. And John is still fishing when Chris come back in the afternoon. a few months went by as John and Chris crossed path and Chris has become curious as to why John fish everyday. So one day he decided to ask John.

Chris: Why do you fish every day?

John: Well I like fishing.

Chris: What do you do with the fish?

John: I keep some for myself and give the rest away

Chris: REALLY$$, why don’t you sell them?

John: I don’t need to or don’t want to rather.

Chris: Look I can help you sell them to all these seafood restaurants over at the city. I am an MBA graduate. I will help you set up a business, and sell all these fish to them at a premium.

John: Why would I want to do that?

Chris: So you can make a lot of money, so you can be rich.

John: OK but why??

Chris: So you can make all this money so you don’t have to worry about money. You can sit here all day and fish.

John: But I am doing that already.

Now you see what I mean? Don’t go after money. Design your life and go after the life you’ve designed.

More on how to design your life and create success in 3 steps, I will be running a webinar on 18/01/2014. Please email your details to wa*@co*******************.au to register.

Wai Lwin

Business & Success Coach

*This document has been prepared by Wai Lwin from Coaching & Consulting for the purpose of publishing in in association with Sohia Wright. Any re-publishing or plagiarizing for any other purpose other than above mentioned is prohibited and will have legal consequences.*


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