Where would the fashion industry be without collaborations!

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Of course, it would be obvious that Fashion Rider would make a big statement such as, the fashion industry is the place to be; but, when it comes to collaborations it most certainly is!

As we head further into 2018 the beauty industry is raising its game with the number of collaborations, linking with the latest fashion trends and in demand products for the season.

But just who is succeeding at creating the perfect collaboration, what trends are being set and what can we take away from their strategies?

One of the biggest beauty brands and one of the world’s leading sports brands have shown us how when fashion meets beauty it can bring something really special to the market.

Sports brand Puma has recently joined forces with Mac cosmetics to promote a new range of sneakers to match your shade of lipstick!  And with sportswear on the rise in 2018, both Puma and Mac are capitalising on this opportunity ahead of their competitors.

For the beauty brand in particular, collaboration is something that works extremely well for them.  Mac chooses their partners very carefully and they work it in a way that fits with their overall strategy and marketing communications; for example, other successful and most recent collaborations for Mac have included working with designer Jeremy Scott and award-winning actress Taraji P. Henson.

In this instance, Puma is working with Mac to create iconic and one-off fashion styles of their suede sneakers.  The colours of which will match Mac’s legendary lipsticks (coral-red, burgundy and peachy beige) and according to Mac’s own release, the products focus on “beauty meets movement to create a style that will always move with us”.

Again, very on trend, retro with an updated feel.

Both brands are at the top of their game when it comes to choosing the right partner with whom to collaborate. Each knows their audience and what they want and expect from one another’s product lines and they’ve capitalised on this two-fold.

Now, love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner clan are visible in almost every market, and beauty is of course no exception. With Kylie Jenner’s beauty lines raking in an estimated $420 million in sales in 2017, with her renowned lip kits selling out within 10minutes of their release and her 20th birthday collection selling out in 24 hours, it’s no surprise that older sister Kourtney Kardashian wants to get in on the action.

Teaming up together, Kylie Cosmetics has now launched its latest Kourt x Kylie collaboration, which consists of mini eyeshadow palettes and three lipsticks – which are known to be Kourtney’s go to colours and are suitably worn and promoted through Instagram and Snapchat feeds from both parties.

The lip colours offer something for everyone and as for the eyeshadow, these bring in a touch of glam and glitter, with the palettes certainly providing that element of sparkle.  Fitting nicely with what we have already seen on the catwalks of 2018 and also from fashion houses such as Emporia Armani, where glitter and sparkle will be a big make-up feature for the year (you can read our full report on beauty trends for 2018 on our blog).

David Beckham is no stranger to collaborations and has worked with a number of high profile brands over the years. However, making waves in the beauty industry is his most recent collaboration with L’Oréal Luxe, teaming up with the brand to introduce his own male beauty brand to the market:  House 99.

The new beauty line is to focus on the everyday essentials whilst also bringing a touch of style and good old-fashioned barbering to the market.  Beckham is teaming up with a global brand in L’Oréal Luxe to introduce the line to the UK market early this year and globally from Spring onwards.

Men’s beauty is an industry that has seen a spike over recent years with the grooming rituals of the modern man being shown on TV reality shows such as Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea.  Beckham is also known for his beauty regime and well cared for skin and facial hair, so combining the two and working with a such a high-profile brand in order to get the right products to market, can only mean a win win.

There are a number of collaborations announced every year within the fashion and beauty industry.  What these partnerships show us is what is currently trending, as well as those brands who are working together to strengthen their position within the market.

Understanding your audience is ultimately key and then combining and linking with others with similar values and who are also trending is like magic.

Audiences respond positively to well thought out collaborations, essentially, those that work for them.

If you are looking to build your brand and expand into new markets and there is a possible “good fit” in terms of a collaboration, then we encourage you to explore this option further.  To use dual resources and for the benefit of both parties is certainly worth looking into – just remember your overall strategy and what it is you ultimately want to achieve.  Not losing sight of your main goal will help you keep your feet firmly on the ground no matter who you may potentially work with in the future.

The fashion industry is a huge blank canvas when it comes to potential collaborations, the first step can simply be about reaching out and making that initial connection.  From there see what fits for you, your brand and your product lines.

As for the rest of 2018, watch this space for who will be working with whom in the future!

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