Why Fashion is Embracing Sexual Wellness

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In the world of fashion, trends come and go but there are some that have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes them transcend season after season. One of these fashion mainstays is sexual wellness.

In this post, we’ll take a look at why everyone’s in on the sexual wellness craze and how it’s changing fashion.

Why Sexual Wellness Matters

For a long time now, embracing sexual wellness has been shunned by many industries. Thankfully, we’re moving forward to a more accepting society and the way we view masturbation and pleasure has evolved over the years.

Indeed, a review on bullet vibrators by Pretty Me highlights how sexual pleasure does not carry the heavy stigma that it used to, and more and more experts are pointing to its numerous health and wellness benefits. This includes increasing blood flow, relieving stress, and boosting your mood. More than that, sexual wellness has also become more popular in the age where women are encouraged to claim their dues and speak up for themselves. In fact, marketing director of Smile Makers, Cécile Gasnault, believes that huge social causes like the Me Too movement have played a big role in pushing the conversation for sexual autonomy and women discovering their sexuality.

For these reasons, more and more industries are cashing in on sexual wellness and the fashion industry is one that’s making huge meaningful strides.

What’s Fashion Got to Do With It?

Fashion has always been closely tied with the self-care and wellness industry. As a matter of fact, Vogue even has a dedicated section on the multiple fashion brands and professionals that also dabble in the world of wellness. So, it’s a no-brainer that sexual wellness ⁠— a long shushed aspect of self-care ⁠— is now being explored by many players in the fashion industry.

One brand that’s pushing for sexual self-care is the ready-to-wear and lingerie brand Fleur du Mal. Just recently, Fleur du Mal launched their Pleasure category on their website, primarily listing pleasure wands and vibrators from sex toy company Le Wand. These sexual wellness tools have proven to be a hit during quarantine, with more people spending their time in isolation. Fleur du Mal also have the chance to popularise sexual wellness with other fashion brands and consumers, as they also sell on popular designer and luxury e-commerce websites Shopbop and Net-a-Porter.

Another brand that’s pushing for their customers to explore their sexuality is lingerie newcomer Savage x Fenty. Rihanna’s not a stranger to being kinky (going as far as releasing a song titled ‘S&M’), and her lingerie brand isn’t afraid of it either. While they’re yet to release sex toys, Savage x Fenty have their own line of bondage items as noted by a Nylon article on the brand. From fluffy handcuffs to satin restraints, you can find all the introductory bondage items that you need. What’s more, Savage x Fenty is famously size-inclusive ⁠— giving everyone a chance to explore their kinks and fetishes in a healthy way.

Overall, the advent of sexual wellness in the fashion world is upon us. As more and more people decide to nurture a great sexual relationship with themselves, the demand for sexual wellness items increases. And as an industry that usually overlaps with the traditional health and wellness sector, the fashion industry’s foray into sexual wellness is a match made in heaven.

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