What does PR mean to you?

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As a business, you have to get your name out there, and it’s vitally important to do it right, because a bad reputation is incredibly difficult to shake. A good reputation, however, means that your business will quickly go from strength to strength. So PR is surely worth getting right. Fashion Rider’s been chatting away to professionals in the field, because who else would we be able to explain how to get a good reputation better than a PR agency?! We’ve spoken to Lisa Morton, the managing director from ROLAND DRANSFIELD PR to give you the inside scoop…


How do you, as a PR agency, currently attract new customers?

PR is all about who you know and we’ve traditionally relied upon networking to leverage the majority of our new business; whether this is expanding to cover other areas of our clients’ businesses, referrals from clients past and present or through the reputation for expertise and high profile we’ve managed to developed in core areas.

However, as with many aspects of modern PR, the growth of digital has revolutionised the way we do business. As a business we now actively utilise our online and social presence as a sales tool; attracting qualified leads with quality content and activity that speaks to their needs, desires and pain points.

These inbound marketing techniques have worked wonders for us and our quantifiable successes with online marketing allow us to demonstrate to clients just how effective it can be to take a holistic view of PR and tie together what have previously been considered disparate activities.

We now offer inbound marketing as an additional service to our clients as it’s a great lead generation tool. It offers a lower cost per lead and a quantifiable return on investment in comparison to outbound techniques like advertising.

To further our efforts in this area, we’ve taken on specialist staff and now offer clients a comprehensive package that takes advantage of multiple channels and methods, after all – there’s no such thing as offline anymore.

What are the benefits of choosing to work with a PR agency?

Unlike a specialist marketing, advertising or search-oriented agency – we can look at the bigger picture of your company’s needs and identify the most potentially beneficial activities in each of these areas. We always begin our assessment with a detailed overview of your media profile, your company’s reputation and how you are perceived both off and online.

Our comprehensive audits and wealth of experience with various sectors means we’re often able to identify wider opportunities and tie together the separate activities into a cohesive, multi-channel campaign that can demonstrate a clear return on investment.

RDPR was founded more than 17 years ago and has adapted to match the changing times. Building upon our strengths in the traditional areas of PR, we’ve evolved into a hybrid agency that complements our expertise in conventional fields like media relations with exciting new digital and social tools.

One final note:

Whether you are choosing a new accountant or web designer to work with Fashion Rider always recommends you do your research and consider all your options.

If you’re still unsure don’t forget Fashion Rider is here to help. Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact and let us take the stress out of if for you. Also if there are any different areas we can help in just let us know.

What is your experience of working with a PR agency?


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