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There is no denying that working with a PR agency can either make you or break you within the ever growing world of business and media. In this day and age, it is essential for a company to get the right coverage, in the right place, at the right time. But not only that, to also be protected in an area companies need it most; reputation and crisis management. Without the right PR agency your company could suffer irredeemable consequences that can be avoided in first, critical process of selecting. But how do you select the right one you ask? In the case of how the public sees your business, perception does equal reality. If your business is portrayed as negative, it will be seen as negative. So it is vital that the perception is accurate, positive and beneficial. We have asked BEATTIE a series of questions in what they think you should look for when choosing a PR agency to work with. From size, to trust, to client relationship, just follow this advice when choosing the right PR agency.

How has PR changed for you in the last 5 years?

The digital revolution has transformed how we engage with our audiences and is relevant across all disciplines whether consumer, corporate, B2B or crisis. How news breaks is far more immediate presenting challenges and opportunities at the same time. Any agency worth their salt has had to remain ahead of the curve, investing in training and developing more sophisticated tools and practices that will help clients embrace new channels. PR in general has become much more sophisticated; long gone are the days of stack them high press releases issued in a scattergun fashion. Integrated marketing communications is what good PR has evolved into.

What is your advice to freelancers when choosing to work with a PR agency?

Make sure that the chemistry is right and that you fit into the culture of the agency first and foremost. If you are not comfortable, neither party gets the most from the relationship. Also make sure you can add value. There’s nothing worse than hiring a freelancer who has to be spoon fed because they do not have the required skills for the job needing done, so research exactly what the agency needs and think carefully as to whether you can provide it. When hiring freelancers, I look for enthusiasm, passion, great contacts and brilliant writing skills, along with experience in the area I require them for. I need to feel that they are part of the team, rather than an outsider.

What do you value highly within your client relationships?

Trust and integrity between client and agency is paramount. We have client relationships spanning some 10 to 15 years which have been built first on trust, and second on results. Our clients feel that we are part of their team which is essential to a healthy and honest working relationship.

One final note:

Whether you are choosing a PR agency or web designer to work with Fashion Rider always recommends you do your research and consider all your options.

If you’re still unsure don’t forget Fashion Rider is here to help. Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact and let us take the stress out of if for you. Also if there are any different areas we can help in just let us know.


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Tell us about your experience of PR agencies?

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